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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Black Personal Finance Coach, Educator Reveals How to Unlink the Poverty Chain

Ray Williams, founder of Greenway Capital Management

Nationwide — Ray Williams, a personal finance coach, educator, speaker, and author, is helping underserved families beat poverty through his new book entitled U’s Rules For Financial Success: How To Unlink The Poverty Chain. A best-seller on Amazon, this inspiring book was written to teach people how to connect and engage their personal finances. It delivers a comprehensive blueprint for creating and building personal wealth. Complete with simple strategies and helpful advice used by professionals to help their clients build personal wealth.

Ray’s book is an easy-read financial guide for anyone with a desire to build wealth, regardless of current financial status. The book addresses spending, saving, credit management, asset accumulation, risk reduction, and real estate investing as simple methods that can be used to build wealth.

“Underserved African-Americans must use various financial methodologies and resources to enhance their financial knowledge and build personal wealth and pass that knowledge on to their family and friends. The fact that the average African Americans’ household net worth is only $17,150 compared to the net worth of the average white family of $171,000 being ten times greater than African Americans is a reality that building personal wealth must be addressed aggressively. This book is for people who have a desire to get out of poverty and create current and future wealth, regardless of their education, credit, or income,” says Ray.

U’s Rules For Financial Success: How To Unlink The Poverty Chain sets the stage for readers to challenge themselves and not accept that they are destined to struggle financially all their life and understand that financial knowledge combined with associating with like-minded people is the “key” to building personal wealth. The book makes it clear that building wealth is about acquiring financial knowledge, taking action, being frugal, managing cash flow, establishing, or reestablishing good credit, and remaining focused on your intended financial goals and objectives.

This book was written for U’s, the:
• Financially Underserved
• Financially Undereducated
• Financially Undercapitalized
• Financially Unprepared
• Financially Underbanked

Since 2005, Ray’s company Greenway Capital Management has provided personal financial counseling education and mentoring to underserved consumers. With the release of his book and a plethora of personal financial experiences under his belt, he is determined to help people break the poverty chain and get on the road to building personal wealth.

U’s Rules For Financial Success: How To Unlink The Poverty Chain is considered a “must-read” book for underserved individuals seeking to escape or avoid financial poverty. The book also has a wealth-building kit that includes free limited online wealth-building counseling sessions designed to help readers start the wealth-building process, which is why this book is considered a must-read for individuals that have a “real” desire to start building personal wealth.

The book is available on Amazon.com and at WeHelpUBuildWealth.net

About the author
Ray Williams has over 30 years in the personal finance industry. He has authored articles for various publications, hosted a radio talk show, conducted financial workshops, and is the Founder of U’s Can Too Wealth Builders Network, a subscription-based organization that provides underserved individuals with wealth-building resources and income opportunities.

For press inquiries, contact 888-317-6497 extension 707 or publicrelations@greenwaycapital.net