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Friday, December 13, 2019

R&B Duo DM Visits Chicago and Interviews With Power 92

R&B Artist DM Twins

Nationwide — Los Angeles R&B recording artist DM veered to the Windy City of Chicago for a live on air interview with Power 92. The station premiered their new single “Love Stoned” that was well received by their listening audience. The single is also streaming at digital radio catapulting the song at #37 on the DRT Top 150 Independent Chart.

The single written by the twins and produced by G-Nice is styled as their brand of R&B “Trap Music” and their beautifully harmonic voices and the melodic slow tempo of the song is captivating.

Growing up in LA “twins” Dutchess and Mary Thompson got their first taste in entertainment when they appeared on the big screen in the duel baby role of the 1991 hit movie Boyz In The Hood.

Their interest in entertainment garnered them the opportunity to work behind the Hollywood scenes on many television shows including America Got Talent, The Arsenal Hall Show, and How To Get Away With Murder starring Viola Davis and on Katy Perry’s newly released video but their love for music was unwavering and they have taken their time to keep their vocal chops and their writing skills messaged.

The twins transitioning to record prompted WWMG/TMG Street Pride to push them center stage releasing their very first R&B/Hip Hop single “Love Stoned”. As DM’s single is gaining momentum they are working to launch their album and video to their anxiously waiting social media followers and other fans. The dynamic duel can be followed on Instagram and Facebook.