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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Real Reason Why America Still Has A Race Relations Problem

By Attorney Roy Miller

Black Lives Matter protesting

Nationwide — When you begin building a structure that tilts from the ground up, like the leaning Tower of Pisa, it can never be made perfect, but will forever remain in its skewed position without falling. Race relations in America can never be ameliorated because of the founding document that undergirds U.S. laws. Although there is a lot of racial turmoil in America today, most Americans may want better race relations, but our laws prevent progress while at the same time aid the wishes of diehard racists.

The United States is constrained by the Paris Treaty of 1783, which gave America its independence when the Revolutionary War ended. The Paris Treaty was an agreement between the United States and England, but involved a host of other European nations. The United States can never make laws that conflict with the intent of the Paris Treaty, which is at the root of race relation problems in America. It is the foundation of our Constitution and an agreement that our Constitution can never breach.

The Paris Treaty and the U.S. Constitution combined are only a few pages long, but together they have been the genesis of large libraries filled with books, court rulings and laws. Because the Paris Treaty and the U.S. Constitution are “Documents of Implications” they imply policies based on what the Powers That Be deem to be expedient.

The Paris Treaty, which divides people by race, is still in effect. In it slaves were defined as property under the 7th Article, which states “All prisoners on Both sides shall be set at Liberty and his Britanic Majesty shall with all convenient speed, and without causing any Destruction or carrying away any Negroes or other Property of the American inhabitants.” Implying that Negroes were property placed an inferiority label on the African American race and also amounted to a forever inheritance of superiority to one race over another.

We know that the United States recognizes Native Americans as nations with designated territories and boundary lines. Thus Native Americans were forcibly made into a government- recognized nation by the United States according to the European definition. This was justification for America to conquer them and maintain ongoing treaties between nations. The Cambridge English Dictionary describes a treaty as “a written agreement between two or more countries, formally approved and signed by their leaders:” Such treaties would legally concede property and place Native Americans as inferior and subject to compliance with United States laws and forced civilization. Examples of such treaties are the 1778 Treaty with The Delawares, Article VI and the 1791 Treaty with the Cherokee, Article III.

America related to African Americans through their slave status and to Native Americans through forced nationhood and treaties, setting the stage for the flawed race relations that exist today. Indeed America could have healthier race relations, but the U.S. does not have the independent power to cure its racism. To violate the Paris Treaty would have international consequences because many nations prosper from the Golden Goose called the United States of America.

Our Preamble’s designation of “We the People” includes all other races except the Black American and the Native American in order to stay in compliance with the Paris Treaty. “We The People” can never include African Americans as equal therefore various forms of “Separate but Equal” type laws and divisive Constitutional amendments, based on race are used as justification.

America is a machine programmed for poor race relations and we cannot fix a machine that does not belong to us. America belongs to international investors who went along with injustice for the reward. I have examined the machine, but a cure is not an option for those who do did not retain the power to cure the illness of racism.

Today we see a malnourished plant called good race relations languish in fallow ground and wonder what’s wrong. To find a cure, we must first look beneath the surface and examine the root. For America, that would mean changing the wording of our Constitution and our laws to make it clear that every citizen is to be treated the same, and all laws implying difference in races should be modified to make it clear that every citizen of the United States of America is included in “We The People.” Then we can begin to fix America’s flawed racial equality system.

Attorney Roy Miller is best known as the first and only person to have the n-word removed from a major dictionary. He can be contacted at attorneymiller99@aol.com or by calling (478) 745-2402.