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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Black Woman From Detroit Sworn in as a Judge By Her Dad Who is Also a Judge

Judge Rebekah Coleman with her dad

Detroit, MI — Meet Rebekah Coleman, who was recently appointed as a judge in Michigan’s District Court, a moment that was made even more special because her father, who is also a judge, was the one who swore her in.

Coleman, who attended law school at Wayne State University and also has a degree in theatre from Michigan State University, is now the Judge of Michigan’s 32A District Court which means that she will preside over the city of Harper Woods in Wayne County, Michigan. Prior to that, she was the founder of her own law firm.

She posted about the remarkable moment with her father on her LinkedIn page where she shared a picture of both of them together.

Many people have been congratulating Coleman for making history and also making comments about how young her father looks.