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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

International Statehood Recognition & Right of Self-Defense of New Negro/Afro Desencendants Nation

By Rechayahu Ben Harvey

Rechayahu Ben Harvey

Atlanta, GA — There will be a movement. There will be change. There will be no stopping us. The emerging indigenous Negro/Afro descendants of the North American nation command international Nation/State recognition and behest without hindrance their right to biblical wages and reparations for 524 years of slavery. These indigenous people shall be referred to as ‘The Congregation’. This is a call to action. A call to freedom. A call that can not go unanswered.

Too long has the people of The Congregation stood by and allowed the debauchery and sheer utter dismantling of their ancestry to happen. No longer shall this be tolerated. And no longer should this be tolerated by any community, which is recognized by the fact I am of biblical Hebrew ancestry.

My name is Rechayahu Ben Harvey, and I am the “awaken” highest ranking indigenous Afro Asiatic sovereign of “flesh and blood” of North America. I am the biological heir of biblical Afro-Asiatic Semitic Hebrews that claimed the Americas after the last Ice Age (circa 15,00012,000 years ago).

The Congregation under Article of Confederation, Article 4, “free Inhabitants”, demand to be assigned absolute authority and sovereign over lands and holdings. They are the lawful and rightful owners of such articles and lived and thrived in these lands millenniums before the creation of the state and federal governments.

The Congregation would like to bring forth the case of DRED SCOTT –vs SANFORD, 60 U.S 393 (185657) drawing clear distinction to the legal understanding garnered. Which states that the Negroes/Afro descendants cannot be “state” or “federal” citizens, have no God-given, human or international law rights that Caucasians have to respect, obey or consider. The Congregation is literally powerless and can be subjected to anything that the Caucasians deem satisfactory.

This racist attitude and bigoted well of beliefs towards The Congregation continues with the hidden fact that on March 27, 1861, seven southern states walked out of Congress leaving the entire legislative branch of “de jure” National Government without “required” constitutional quorum. The “National Government” of the “de jure” have never been constitutionally nor lawfully reconvened or reestablished, by the required Article 5, Constitution of the United States of America.

The Congress for the municipal federal government for the District of Colombia masquerades as the “de jure” 1787 Constitutional National Congress that ceased to exist from March 27, 1861. This so-called government in a position of authority at present that has taken the mantle of power does not legally nor constitutionally have any power over land, law or sea.

The United States (Inc) is a private municipal federal corporation that has been deceptively impersonating being the legal and lawful “National Government” of the vacant and defunct American Republic (the “de jure” Republic of the United States of America). All of which without the people’s common knowledge or consent. This wool over the eyes can no longer be allowed or endured.

The municipal federal government for the District of Columbia (United States) covertly set out to deceptively mirror the bankrupted, vacant and defunct “National Government” of the “de jure” Republic of the United States of America. Doing so with a counterfeit flag, counterfeit Constitution, and thus constructing the 1871 treasonous Congress for the District of Columbia, whose “authority” is restricted to that 10 square mile federal District.

The Congregation has no other viable option but to sever ties and form an indigenous, ancestral and sovereign land. Continuing to erect an Afro descendant, indigenous government and nation, coupled with international law of self-determination and right of self-defense.

This extends to all the dual nationals of the indigenous Negroes and Afro descendants of the African diaspora and non-citizen nationals of the vacant and defunct “de jure” Republic of the United States of America.

This indigenous government is hiring right now. Without delay. Paying above poverty wages and providing food, shelter, clothing a medical allowance. They shall be known as “free inhabitants” that have relinquished and revoked the counterfeit 14th amendment. They shall be known as the ones who took back what was theirs. They shall be known by the names that they have always been – Kings and Queens.

Rechayahu Ben Harvey is the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Indigenous Government and Nation of the Principality of Granville. For more details, visit www.pgranvillegov.net


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