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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

This Remix on an Old-School Toy Provides “Reel” Representation For Black Children

Reel Representation

Nationwide — What do you get when you remix the old-school View-Master with affirming content and Black representation for children? The answer is BlackBabyBooks.com’s new Reel Representation Viewer.

BlackBabyBooks.com makes it easier to discover and purchase children’s books with Black characters, but its founder, Veronica N. Chapman, believes they can offer even more. Research shows that when Black children see themselves represented positively in their media, it fortifies their self-esteem and helps protect them from the impact of racism. That’s why Ms. Chapman is launching a product that provides reel representation, pairing a love for the nostalgic View-Master with the empowering art of Black illustrators.

An entrepreneur and children’s book author, Ms. Chapman employs her talents to uplift Black children. “For years,” she says, “I have been developing products and writing to empower and inspire Black children. Thousands of children have benefited from my endeavors by reading my books, purchasing my products, and using services I designed specifically for them. As a result, Black children have learned to love themselves exactly as they are. They have started businesses, been inspired to challenge themselves, and their self-esteem has increased. Our Reel Representation Viewer is a continuation of my commitment to our children so they can stand tall in the face of any efforts to devalue them, and resist any messages that may make them question their brilliance and promise.”

The Kickstarter Campaign to take pre-orders for the Reel Representation RetroViewer is now live. Back the campaign and show reel love to the children in your life by purchasing a Reel Representation Viewer at ReelRepresentation.com

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