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Friday, August 23, 2019

6 Restaurant Design Tips for Black Restaurateurs

Black restaurant owner

Nationwide — It’s time to optimize your restaurant’s design—you can reach a new level of excellence and impress the patrons of your establishment. We provide six simple restaurant design tips that will help any Black restauranteur enhance their business.

Make a Lasting Impression

Long before your maître d’ welcomes them, your brand speaks to the consumer. As such, having a proper brand strategy that consistently puts your image out there is crucial. It may not seem like it, but patrons notice many aspects of a restaurant aside from the ambiance—it’s the small things that make a big difference. To ensure every guest remembers the great experience they had at your restaurant, try incorporating small brand symbols into the setup. Add your logo to doors, napkins, tap handles, and other little trimmings. Make sure you keep things consistent, as this will promote brand recognition among patrons.

Keep Things Clean

While we can assume your kitchen area is exceptionally clean, you want to carry that same level of cleanliness to every space in your restaurant. Restaurants are a place where patrons expect things to be neat and tidy. Let’s say people spend an average of one hour at your restaurant. While they’re waiting to eat, they have a long period of time to examine the room’s details. If not distracted, people may begin to notice the dusty air vent and odd stains on the floor. As an operator, try to examine the cleanliness of your restaurant from the customer’s perspective—you may catch things you would have otherwise overlooked.

Highlight Your Qualities

Proper lighting can make or break a dining experience. The amount of available natural light will determine what type of artificial lighting you need to provide guests with to create an unforgettable dining experience. Many restaurants will make small light fixtures a centerpiece to ensure patrons have enough light while dining. For example, candlelight can be a simple way to accent your dining atmosphere by adding a touch of elegance and mystique.

Choose Music Wisely

The music genre and noise level can make or break a consumers experience. When choosing music for your restaurant, pick songs that complement your establishment. Additionally, set the volume at a level that is not too distracting or overpowering and allows customers to enjoy each other’s company. Mainly, you want the music to fit with the theme of your restaurant. For example, a modern restaurant owner serving unique creations may go out of their way to discover new songs that have yet to become popular. By doing so, it furthers their goal to appear trendy to consumers.

Make Your Message Clear

When you have to go, you have to go. Make sure that all your signs (bathrooms, exits, food safety notices, etc.) are clear, visible, and correct. An otherwise wonderful experience can quickly collapse due to confusing signage. You want to ensure that your patrons can navigate your space easily and have a wonderful experience in every area of your restaurant.

Use Every Inch of Your Space

The nature of the restaurant industry is to get as many people as possible to visit your establishment; however, you should never sacrifice comfort to pack in more people. When designing your restaurant, make sure patrons have enough room to enjoy every aspect of the dining experience. Create a spacious setup that includes enough room for waiting customers, tables and chair, and staff navigating through them. Consider having multiple people take a look at your space before settling on a design—a new set of eyes may help you maximize space and monetary gains. Your Black-owned restaurant already provides customers with a memorable experience, but with our restaurant design tips, you’ll be able to encourage new and returning customers to regularly visit your establishment.