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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Restaurant Manager Fired After Telling Black Woman to “Get Out”

Xzaveria Vaqua, woman discriminated against at Tomfooleries Restaurant & Bar

Xzaveria Vaqua, woman discriminated against at Tomfooleries Restaurant & Bar

Kansas City, MO — Xzaveria Vaqua, a 37-year old Black woman from Kansas City, became one of the most recent victims of discrimination and racism when the manager of Tomfooleries Restaurant & Bar told her to “get out” of the restaurant. She posted the video on social media, and the manager was fired the day after. Her post also sparked protests calling for a boycott of the restaurant.

“I honestly feel like I was discriminated against and racially profiled,” Vaqua told The Kansas City Star.

In her post, Vaqua explained that a waitress had asked for her credit card and started a tab. When she asked if she could just pay upfront, the waitress called the manager to talk to her instead.

In the 5-minute video, the conversation between Vaqua and the manager can be seen. She calmly explained to the manager her concern about securing a tab before eating.

“I don’t feel comfortable with nobody walking around with my card all night. I don’t…” Vaqua said.

“All night?” the manager asked. “You gonna be here all night?”

Vaqua answered she might be and then asked what time the establishment closes. The manager said 1 a.m. but when Vaqua clarified it, the manager said, “I give last call at 2:30 a.m. at the bar.”

“OK, that’s what I asked. What time do you close. You kept saying…”

“You know what,” the manager cut her, “we’re done. Go ahead and go.”

Vaqua was shocked. “I don’t even understand what just happened.”

The manager angrily told her to “get out” and said, “I don’t need to explain s— to you.”

Vaqua added in her post that the ordeal didn’t end in the video. The manager went outside and said more hurtful words.

Vaqua told The Kansas City Star that she felt the manager was “refusing service to me just because I’m a black woman.”

On Thursday, protesters gathered outside the restaurant to call for a boycott of Tomfooleries Restaurant & Bar. One of the protesters said the protest serves as a demonstration that “allies and Black people… will not tolerate this type of behavior from any business in this city.”