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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Chicago Pastor Files Lawsuit Against Police For Beating Her During Road Rage Incident

Rev Catherine Brown

Nationwide — Rev. Catherine Brown is suing the Chicago Police Department after a 2013 case when two police officers can be seen on camera assaulting her in front of her children during a road rage incident. Brown says she was driving home through a narrow alley that she always goes down, when suddenly she was encountered by a police car heading straight toward her.

She says that one of the officers, Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy, jumped from the other vehicle and immediately began yelling obscenities and foul words at her. Brown says she was shocked and reached for her driver’s license when the second officer, Jose Lopez, got out of the squad car and pointed a gun at her head.

Scared for her life, Brown called 911 and requested that a supervisor be sent to the location, and that’s when the incident really went sour.

Office Murphy reported jumped onto Brown’s car yelled, “B****, move that f***ing car back.” And instead of waiting for a supervisor to arrive as Brown had requested, both Murphy and Lopez can be seen on camera attempting to force the door of Brown’s vehicle open. Lopez can even be seen on the video laughing.

Brown says, in an effort to be visible to witnesses, she put the car in reverse and backed out of the alley.

Meanwhile, during all of this, her children can be heard in the back seat screaming and crying.

And later, it was discovered that both officers, have received multiple complaints from others. In fact, according to the The Citizens Police Data Project, Morsi Murphy has received 19 complaints and Lopez has received 21.

Brown was later charged with attempted murder, but she was found not guilty.

Watch the video below: