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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The First Black-Owned Company That Rewards You For Grocery Shopping!

John Cornelius McCaskill, founder of Rewardance

John Cornelius McCaskill, founder of Rewardance

Oklahoma City, OK — Founder and CEO John Cornelius McCaskill is leading the charge to reward every grocery shopper. The Oklahoma City based company, which launched earlier this year is doing something no other company has done, reward you for the stress grocery shopping can bear. Rewardance is a jovial online company that rewards grocery shoppers by connecting them to their favorite apparel and beauty brands. The company makes the process very easy and simple. 1. Grocery shop/keep the receipt. 2. Submit the receipt on the company’s website. 3. They’ll reward you with hot deals on your favorite apparel and beauty brands.


When asked how the company came to be McCaskill comments, “The biggest realization came when I would travel to multiple grocery stores and noticed regularly that many of the guests seemed irritated. As a curious individual I started to seek why these guests seemed irritated every time they grocery shopped. Some common irritations were: Limited lines available, congested aisles, felt more like a chore, and the crowdedness. I truly empathized and realized that these shoppers were regular, hard working people with everyday lives, barely getting off their jobs, school, or other required duties. While I can’t control what happens inside of the store, I can certainly control what happens after. I’m dedicated to rewarding their efforts!” Future

McCaskill also has big plans for the future with the company. He comments, “Originally my strategy was to partner with the biggest and most recognizable brands imaginable, but after some due diligence, I found some amazing and deserving brands otherwise unknown to the majority. They’re easier to work with, open-minded to suggestions offered to my audience, and more enjoyable to collaborate with. When I would contact a larger retailer it was one giant puzzle to find the decision maker and still then it wasn’t a sure yes. Not only am I looking for amazing brands, but very diverse brands as well. I want black-owned and hispanic entrepreneurs in the apparel and beauty business to partner with me as well. One thing about grocery shopping is that it breeds diversity– everyone has to do it. This means my audience is very diverse and I wouldn’t haven’t it any other way.”


Even in McCaskill’s pursuit to excellence, he doesn’t forget where he comes from. Raised in a small town located in Altus, Oklahoma. He comes from a large family of 11 brothers and sisters in a tight-knitted home to a father who is a preacher that started his own church in the small town. “I often wonder if that’s where I got my entrepreneur bug from. My father had an exceedingly robust work ethic that was passed down to me and my mother had the temperament of a butterfly. I think it’s safe to refer to myself as an extremely diligent butterfly leading this company. Patient enough to grow others, beautiful enough to believe in myself, and gentle enough to deal with all,” he states.

For more details, visit www.rewardance.com


John Cornelius McCaskill

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