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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Black Woman Catches White Passenger Sending a Racist Text Message About Her on a Flight

Riah Elese, Black woman with braids on flight with racist white passengers

Nationwide — Riah Elese, an African American woman from Texas who was traveling on a flight, recorded and posted a video on TikTok of a white passenger that she caught typing a racist text message about her. Apparently, the woman was upset that she had been accidentally touched by Riah’s braids, but what she wrote in her message will shock you.

The text, which can be read from the video, says: “Landed. Just got whipped with some NASTY dreads/corn rows of a COON getting her luggage. They have no respect. Patience. Cattle for sure. I’m OUT.”

In the video, which currently has nearly 2 million views, Riah added a caption saying she had already apologized twice.

Riah posted another video revealing more details about what happened. She said her braids accidentally hit the woman whom she sat across from the aisle while reaching for her cabin bag while de-boarding.

She said the woman told her to “don’t worry about it” when she apologized twice. But then she saw that the woman proceeded to message her family with a racist text about her. She caught the racist text while she was leaving the plane and decided not to confront her.

Meanwhile, many people were outraged with the woman’s behavior. One person commented, “That woman def uses that type of language often and whoever she’s sending it to probably does as well. I’m so sorry this happened.”

However, others are claiming Riah violated the woman’s privacy by recording her messages. But more people believed that what Riah did was justified due to the circumstances.