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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Could One Million Black Voters Adequately Respond to Richard Pryor’s Prophetic Warning of Obama’s Immigration Plan and Other Outrageously Damaging Policies for Blacks?

By Amefika Geuka

Richard Pryor

Nationwide — Richard Pryor has been heralded as a genius among comedians but he may have been overlooked for his politically prophetic voice. According to Amefika Geuka “The Race Man” best known for his 1000 mile walk to Washington DC to spotlight African centered education, and Executive Coordinator of the Nationalist Black Leadership Council (NBLC), Pryor’s skit in 1977 The New Niggers reveals a shocking premise that we might be witnessing today with Obama’s immigration reform bill and other anti-Black community policies.

According to Geuka, in his own way Pryor was forewarning the future of Black people in America except the “New Niggers” are the Hispanics and not the Vietnamese like he suggested. The gist of Pryor’s message; White folks are getting rid of us. Ironically a new study recently confirmed that the Hispanic population will double by 2044. The fact that such reform is coming under the watch of a Black President is particularly ironic, if not downright sinister.

“If Americans were called upon to choose which of the two minority groups should be welcomed to stay and which should be invited to leave, the President’s choice would be clear and unequivocal! Brown could stick around, but Black would have to get back!” Geuka wrote in his paper – “EXCESS” versus “SURPLUS”

Tavis Smiley recently suggested that every major indicator will show that Blacks will have regressed considerably under the Obama administration. Home ownership has dropped to 43% from 50%, 28,000 black college students were forced to drop out by the administration changing the financial aid policy, Black unemployment is up even though unemployment is down in America, SBA is giving out 2.3% of its loans for small business to black business down from 11% in 2008, median income falling 10.9 percent to $33,500 for Blacks well below the 58,000 of whites and of course the wealth gap widening to record levels. Now whites on average are 13 times wealthier than their Black counterparts. If the president thinks we’ve made progress he must also concede that we have equally regressed under his administration.

Obama is the check that Black folk have tried to cash in on that came back marked insufficient funds. This kind of change is more than we could ever believe in. It’s no wonder people everywhere are fed up.

What should black people do about this? Geuka, Executive Coordinator for the NBLC, is calling for Conscious members of the Black electorate to join with the Nationalist Black Leadership Coalition NBLC in building a force to turn the design of political power-brokers on its head! It’s a call for Blacks to organize their vote for power. The NBLC is saying that the next logical step is for a bold group of people to withdraw their support of any party and instead form a voting bloc of a million people that could sway elections and thus negotiate with either party based on who is willing to do the most to advance the interests of the African American community. One million united voices could create “change beyond belief, not just politically but economically as well.”

For more information on the plan to give Blacks the political leverage to negotiate better legislative and political action on behalf of the Black Community, go to www.Amefika.com and join the one million voices destined to make the process work for us like anybody else.

Amefika Geuka is the Executive Coordinator of the Nationalist Black Leadership Coalition and author of the book “Reflections on My Pilgrimage”. For more information or to schedule him for an interview, please contact Marcus Malcolm at (302) 536-9642 or info@bettermarketingmastery.com

Marcus Malcolm
(302) 536-9642