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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

To Protect the Innocent, Black-Owned Tech Startup is Developing an App That Will Monitor Police Misconduct

Police brutality and misconduct

Birmingham, AL — In 2017, Maria Watkins, an African American entrepreneur, founded the RightThere Corporation (RTC). The organization was incorporated in 2018 with an exemplary board of directors, including a retired police captain as board chairman. The RightThere Corporation is now among the first to offer a formidable, technological solution for civilians who fear the threat of police misconduct and other potentially dangerous situations.

RightThere Corporation is using technology to accomplish their mission of preventing police misconduct and reducing civil rights violations and to make justice work for all. The African American community has been severely impacted by police misconduct. In the United States, according to an analysis of data from The Guardian on police killings, Black Americans in comparison to their white counterparts, are more likely to be killed by police when unarmed.

RightThere Corporation and its dedicated team of professionals have developed an app that will assist in reducing police misconduct. RTC is awaiting full patent approval. The RTC Protech™ app will soon be on Apple and Android devices as well as a wearable device.

The list below highlights certain app function and services:

* Voice/touch activation
* GPS Tracking
* Audio and video surveillance
* Alerts to emergency contacts
* Assist in filing complaints to appropriate agencies
* Access to Legal Referral Network

What can I do?

The purpose of this press release is to compel concerned individuals to ask the question: What can I do? Those willing to be part of the solution and willing to assist RTC in tackling the problem of police misconduct are welcome. The success of RTC and the community will impact not only this generation but also for generations to come. Every community deserves to live in safety and to be treated equally under the law.

Support RTC by visiting their pre-launch website, and learning more about Rightthere Corporation. Register by leaving your name and email. RightThere Corporation will send you updates on their progress and launch date.

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For press and media inquiries, including promotional photos and interviews, please contact Maria Watkins and Publicity Services at RightThere Corporation (866) 211-7251 or by email to mw@rightthereprotect.com. More details also available online at www.rightthereprotect.com.


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