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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Watch Out “Black Panther” — There Is Another Super Hero on the Loose!

The Rise of Dark Whisper by DJ Alexander

Bookcover and author, DJ Alexander

Tuscaloosa, AL — African-American independent film maker, clothing designer, and author D.J. Alexander has a new super hero that the world needs to see from his new book on Amazon called The Rise of Dark Whisper. When asked why Dark Whisper? He said Dark Whisper is needed. Dark Whisper along with many other characters will tell our stories in an original godly melanated perspective. When asked how did he feel about the Black Panther movie?

He gives praise for the release of Black Panther and said it has put Africans in the right direction to bring more movies about Africans in a positive light. He also says that film makers shouldn’t continue to make movies about ancient African gods and put Europeans as the stars. The Rise of Dark Whisper is an action-packed novel with a fictional character named Razor, who is the son of Heru and the grandson of Ausar, which he says “shows that not only we were kings and queens, we are gods and goddesses.”

His inspiration for doing Dark Whisper and wanting to create his own characters comes from watching Marvel, DC and Martial Arts movies. He grew up watching a lot of martial arts movies with his father and uncle. His favorite martial arts actors are Bruce Lee, Wesley Snipes, Michael Jai White, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Tony Ja. He hopes one day to work with all of them on projects he has in mind.

Independently DJ has done one film called Dreamers which he wrote, edit, directed, and produced available on YouTube to watch and now he has finished his second movie Dreamers 2. DJ also has a clothing line called Alexander Jean Co. for men and woman and coming soon children’s wear. His logo from his clothing line represents the strength he has for his people and the love he has for his craft. Fans look forward to seeing more of DJ Alexander while he walks the path of his dreams.


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