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Monday, November 10, 2014

Entertainment Business’ “Official Deal Maker” Helps New Generation of Musicians Avoid Being Broke & Unknown, in Raw & Honest New Book

— Having unknowingly attended what he calls ‘Adversity University’, Robert Terell has excelled from the streets of New York to become the founder of Wealth Nation Entertainment and a world-renowned entertainment business manager coined the “official deal maker”. In his new book, “Broke & Famous: The Music Game” Terell cuts through the rapidly-evolving industry to teach aspiring artists how to not go broke and develop the business acumen required to succeed where so many others fail. —

Broke & Famous By Robert Terell


Atlanta, GA — As a visionary and thought leader in the music industry, Robert Terell has helped hundreds transform from struggling artists into unstoppable entertainment ‘machines’. But he admits that achieving the harmony of fame and riches is now more out of reach than ever, due to an industry that has replaced its willingness to nurture new musicians with a requirement for them to sign their first contract “spotlight ready”.

Thanks to Terell’s new book, the 43 million clueless unsigned artists around the world can develop the vision, focus and discipline they need to execute a profitable career. Broke & Famous: The Music Game pulls no punches when exposing the cold hard truths of making it in today’s competitive music jungle. Those turning down the opportunity to soak up Terell’s wisdom will likely fail to find the limelight forever.


After 16 years of blood, sweat, and tears in the music industry! I evolved from struggling intern to a real entertainment executive. Unknowingly, I enrolled and attended classes at Adversity University the unofficial school of the music business. During that point in my career the landscape in the music game was drastically changing and so were the rules for winning. Today’s music business is about a different kind of hustle. With the rapid advancement of technology, social media platforms, and a wide variety of brokering services, you will become as relevant or irrelevant as your level of understanding the game. Your ability to elevate and transform your thinking about the dynamics of the new music game will determine how much money you’ll make, how much you’ll keep, and ultimately how successful you’ll be. In the final synopsis the dream is still real….but the hustle is sold separately. So that means your career will either be a very expensive hobby or a profitable business venture at the end of the day. In today’s music world there are no A&R’s or labels willing to spend money to develop you for the next 2 or 3 years before they make a profit. As of today, the music game, is about manufacturing and producing your own machinery. These self-made machines are designed and created with the sole purpose of the artist winning. Join me as I endeavor to enlighten the blind, quench the thirsty, and reveal the wicked plots of industry predators disguised as legitimate record executives but are worse than your average stick up kid. After reading my book series your career will fit nicely into one of the following categories: “Broke & Famous”, “Broke & Unknown” or “Rich Forever”. You make the choice, or the industry will make it for you!

“The first thing people need to understand is that they have to be in this business for the right reasons,” explains Terell. “That, of course, is for the music – but it’s also vital to ‘self-manage’ the business side of your career, and this is where most crash and burn. My book covers these little-told strategies to success, such as surrounding yourself with top people, managing your finances properly and understanding why so many artists go broke and declare bankruptcy. Many existing books only teach how to seek out high-level contracts, but unless you arrive at the doorstep with the correct business acumen, you’ll never have an opportunity to put pen to paper. This book will prepare you holistically; it’s a true game-changer”.

Continuing, “By streamlining your vision and discipline, you can build an instinct for when to accept a deal and sniff out the ones that really are too good to be true. By weeding these bad opportunities out, you can avoid 95% of the reasons artists fail in the first few years of their professional careers. I’ve spent almost two decades making global deals for some of the industry’s biggest names and, after reading this book, you can be next!”

Broke & Famous: The Music Game is available now:
Amazon – http://amzn.to/1uGmuIy
Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/1tPCFkK

About the Author:
Born and raised in the streets of New York City by a single parent mother, Robert began his career in the music business as an intern at Calliope studios in New York, NY. As the visionary thought leader of Wealth Nation Entertainment, he has orchestrated major label distribution deals with Universal Music Group Distribution (UMGD) via INgrooves Fontana, and has held several major positions in the industry throughout his career including the following:  V.P. of A&R with IMG recordings, which is distributed via Warner Bros., Sony, EMI, and Universal, E.V.P. of Corporate Affairs/Strategic alliances for HYPE Magazine and THM Media. As Gunplay’s (MMG/DEF JAM) Business Manager, Robert and his team was instrumental in finalizing his deal with Def Jam. After partnering with Def Jam, he successfully landed record placement with BET on the new Wayans Bros. Show “Next Generation Wayans,” for New York based rapper “Computa” which aired in 2013.

Robert Terell