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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

8-Year Old Boy From Indiana Killed By a Stray Bullet While Quarantining at Home

Roderick Payne, Jr., boy killed by stray bullet in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN — Rodgerick Payne Jr., an 8-year old boy from Indianapolis, sadly died after being shot by a stray bullet while he was eating dinner inside his home. A month has passed since then but police have yet to find any information about the shooter.

The incident happened on March 31 wherein Payne Jr. was shot by a stray bullet in the neck which led to his death.

“He was in the process of finishing his dinner. He was in his own living room when a bullet passed through one of the windows of his house and struck him,” Detective Chris Edwards told Indy RTV6. “He wasn’t out doing things he wasn’t supposed to be doing. He was eating dinner in his own home and did absolutely nothing to bring this upon himself.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is asking the public for any information that could lead to an arrest or motive behind the killing. Edwards believes another person was really targeted.

“At least the person who was getting shot at [should come forward]. We don’t care why they were getting shot at, but that person knows who was shooting at them and they know why it happened. We really need those people to come forward and speak to us.”

Meanwhile, Payne Jr.’s family is mourning his sudden death. He was an active child who loved to read, color, and ride his bike.

“Last year he won his school’s talent show and he also was a regular in his church’s choir,” Edwards said.