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Monday, April 4, 2022

Meet the Black Educator Whose Workbooks Are Being Used in Ghana, Haiti, Mexico and South Korea

Rosa Higgs, educator and author of the Read in 40 workbooks

Nationwide — Rosa Higgs, an African American educator and the author of Read in 40 Hours or Less workbook series, is celebrating that her books are being used by teachers, parents, and students all across the U.S. and all over the world. She is receiving orders from as far away as Ghana, Haiti, Mexico, and South Korea.

According to the International Literacy Association there are 781 million people throughout the world who are either illiterate (cannot read a single word) or functionally illiterate (below basic reading skills), 126 million are young people, mostly women of color.

In the US low literacy costs tax papers over $73 billion per year in services to the underprivileged. The Cure? Full-scale literacy instruction is the cure at a one-time cost of less than $300 per student.

Individuals, school districts, corporations and international networks of education professionals share a deep commitment to uplift the educational success of Black people throughout the world.

Teachers are in need of assistance with their students, and Rosa’s Read in 40 Hours or Less workbooks reinforce the quality of instruction for Black children with quick results and eliminate interventions that have little or no substantial value to students that take years for results. Parents believe that success, the Cure, is possible for every student and every Black student has the potential for greatness quickly and easily. Researchers have proven intensive phonics is the foundation for reading and reading is the cornerstone of education worldwide and that reading and math require a similar skill set.

Rosa’s Read in 40 Hours or Less workbooks supplement and provide instructional stability globally in otherwise uncertain reading instruction.

Regardless of nationality, age, or ability level, her workbooks and videos teach people to read, comprehend, and write quickly… and easily in less than 40 hours. The workbooks accelerate literacy development at the speed of genius!

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