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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Even Unarmed Black Grandmothers Are Being Cursed at and Arrested By White Police Officers

Black grandmother, Rose Campbell, being arrested by police

65-year old Rose Campbell, being arrested by police after a traffic violation

Nationwide — Rose Campbell, a 65-year old unarmed Black grandmother from Alpharetta, Georgia was yet another victim of a police brutality and violence. She was stopped by a police officer after allegedly swerving between lanes. Video footage shows the officer cursing at her and dragging her out of the car during a routine traffic stop.

On May 4, Campbell, who was then driving for Lyft, was stopped by a police officer after he said he saw her swerve into a neighboring lane. In a dashcam footage, Officer James H. Legg was seen yelling at the old woman, “Shut the f– up and get out of the car!” while using excessive force.

The Alpharetta Police Department disapproved of Legg’s actions. “Officer Legg, when he arrived on the scene, engaged in the incident and apparently lost his cool and his temper, and acted inappropriately with his words and his actions,” Officer Howard Miller, the department spokesperson, said in a news conference on Friday.

In the video, Campbell can be seen repeatedly pleading to the first officer to wait until the supervisor comes before signing her citation but he continues to pull her out of the car.

“This is abusive behavior,” Campbell says.

When the first officer called for backup, a second officer arrived and helped remove her from the car. When the situation escalates, the Lyft passenger can be seen leaving the car.

The two officers stopped dragging her when Campbell said that she would voluntarily go with them if they take their hands off her. But Officer Legg arrived and shouted at Campbell, “You’re not in charge! Shut the f– up and get out of the car!”

Legg grabbed Campbell’s arm and put it behind her while she was screaming in pain. Once handcuffed, she was aggressively pulled towards the police car.

Legg, who was suspended for his actions, resigned after the department launched an internal investigation. In his resignation letter posted on Facebook by the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety, he wasn’t showing any apology.

“I feel I acted appropriately and the way that I was trained when I arrested Ms. Campbell,” he wrote.

He went on telling his version of the story and said that he “did what was necessary to complete the arrest by raising my voice and using verbal commands using heavy control talk with profanity.”

Legg then said, “Maybe I should not have used profanity. But its immediate effectiveness is not questionable and I do believe I acted reasonably under the circumstances.”

Watch the raw footage below: