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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Author Releases Illustrated Guide to African-American History With 300+ Pages

Roy Wyatt, author of Color n' America

NationwideColor ‘n America by Roy Wyatt is an illustrated guide to the African-American pursuit of freedom and history in the United States of America. The book is a must-have for anyone wanting to know the African-American experience. An excellent source of information, it makes a great addition to any household, church, museum, or institution teaching African-American studies.

With years of research, Color ‘n America is one of the most complete African-American history books written; beginning with the Rise and Fall of African Empires, ancient and American slavery, Atlantic Slave Trade and its effect on the global economy, North and South differences – inciting the Civil War, the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Black Wall Street, African Americans participation in the Armed Forces, Martin Luther King Jr. rise to fame and assassination, slave rebellions and resistance, the strength of the Civil Rights movement – including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Selma to Montgomery, Freedom Summer, Little Rock Nine, March on Washington, Birmingham Campaign, and much more. Color ‘n America closes with Civil Rights Activists (photos and their stories) and the many inventions of African-Americans often untold and heard of.

Color ‘n America captures those events and more. Through memorable words and stirring photographs, readers can experience and examine the time period as it unfolded and see how African-Americans viewed the world and how their struggles and achievements shaped American history.

Over 300 pages, Color ‘n America is printed full page with almost 300 illustrations of memorable moments and events in history. Two editions, color & black/white, are available to choose from. It’s currently available on Amazon

Book opportunities
The book can be used in a variety of measures, including insertion into facilities curriculum and/or programs, gifts and awards, or simply marked up to increase sales and/or profitability. The author can also be of assistance in book signings, readings, and discussions for events and venues.

About the author
A native of Virginia, Roy Wyatt has published eight books – all on relevant topics for today’s economy. He has been featured on radio talk shows, book signings, and interviewed by the nation’s most prestigious HBCU, and books displayed in several African-American museums across the country.

He believes that as African Americans, telling our story has never been more important. He comments, “Where the history and experiences of blacks are often forgotten or undervalued, the celebration of African-American history is more prevalent now than ever. However, many African Americans don’t know their true past and the many contributions made to American history and the global society. But the black experience is simply too important to forget.”

He continues, “In an effort to honor African Americans’ expansive and growing history, we must pay tribute to the struggles and achievements of the people and events that have shaped our nation.”

His book Color ‘n America delivers a summary of the complete African-American diaspora while taking the necessary steps to preserve their history and culture.

For press inquiries, contact Roy Wyatt at roywyatt01@yahoo.com at (804) 873-0982.

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