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Thursday, August 29, 2019

TruUnity Organization Inspires Black and Brown Students to See Themselves in a New Light

Ruby Taylor, founder of TruUnity

Ruby Taylor, founder of TruUnity

Baltimore, MD — The numbers are startling. Research indicates that by 2053, the net worth of African Americans – now valued at $95,261 – will completely dissolve down to $0. What is the main cause for the great divide? Education and access. In order for the next generation of black and brown students to achieve these two keys to success, they must see themselves in professional roles.

TruUnity, a Baltimore-based organization that uses its resources to help black and brown students achieve success, announces the kickoff of it’s “Buy One, Give One” t-shirt campaign. For every Future Millionaire shirt purchased, another shirt will be donated to youth in Baltimore City and Lancaster City, Penn., to help break the stigma around minority success.

Whether it’s in day-to-day life, high profile positions or television, research shows that there is a strong relationship between children of color, low self-esteem and the lack of role models that look like them. In order to nourish the next generation, black and brown students must feel empowered to expand their minds and see themselves in role models who are achieving in professional settings. TruUnity offers just that.

“Through curated content on our site, TruUnity take our followers on a journey that exposes them to successful black and brown professionals who potentially work in their field of interest, and help them develop a roadmap for achieving similar success,” said Ruby L. Taylor, founder. “If we can empower black and brown students to see their limitless potential by exposing them to various professionals who look like them, there is no limit to what they can do. Sometimes we must speak what we want no matter what we see.”

To learn more about TruUnity and purchase a T-shirt, visit https://truunity.com/store3/


About TruUnity:
TruUnity is an eclectic group of people from the African diaspora who are paying it forward by sharing their stories. With a goal of bridging the gap between what students understand as success versus the real life journey that it takes to achieve one’s goals. As a like-minded collective, their top priority is to educate, uplift, and inspire youth. They believe that exposing them to our experiences, in conjunction to creating programs geared at helping them plan for a better future, will empower them to change the current narrative and trigger a paradigm shift in the future. To learn more, visit https://truunity.com/


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