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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Black CEO Creates E-Commerce Platform and Marketplace For Minority Contractors

Sabrina Newby, CEO of the CGMCC Market and Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce

Sabrina Newby, CEO of the CGMCC Market and Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce

Nationwide — Sabrina Newby, CEO of the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce, has created an educational e-commerce marketplace for minority contractors, business owners, and entrepreneurs called “The Market.”

CGMCCMarket.com offers its members a one-stop-shop to information. It provides a digital storefront that assists disenfranchised business owners in breaking through difficult barriers and oversaturated markets. The marketplace empowers minority small businesses and culture-conscious consumers to network, learn, and market directly with their communities.

The website is a premier online network that provides educational resources from specialized market classes to mentorship. The market gives minority business owners and hopefuls business-related information and training not typically available to minority entrepreneurs to create their brands and connect with potential customers both nationally and internationally. “Think of this as an online classroom where we give you the tools you need to succeed,” Newby says.

In addition to the platform, CGMCCMarket.com will be a cultural hub where members can connect and support one another by offering news, tips, classes, and events.

“I immediately started working on this concept in 2012, after landing the opportunity to sell my product line in a big box retailer. After realizing how difficult the process of contracting and big-box retailing was, I wanted to create a platform where coaching meets opportunity, making it an easier path for minority business newbies moving forward,” says Newby.

She adds, “African Americans have a buying power of $1 trillion-plus. CGMCCMarket.com will leverage that buying power through a comprehensive platform that allows Black-owned businesses to launch and grow through group economics and empowerment. The web site is primed to give minority entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs a much-needed boost and pipeline towards obtaining partnerships, certifications, and distribution deals that are the gateway to creating economic freedom.”

The web site officially launched in August. For more details, visit CGMCCMarket.com

To learn more about the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber of Commerce, visit CoastalGeorgiaMC.org and follow the Coastal Georgia Minority Chamber on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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