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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

15-Year Old Girl Stabbed 80 Times and Set on Fire After Meeting Her Killer on Facebook

Sabriya McLean, teen girl stabbed by Facebook killer

Nationwide — A teenage girl named Sabriya McLean was reportedly stabbed about 80 times, then dragged outside and set on fire by a man that she had recently met on Facebook. Philadelphia police say the 15-year old’s body was found in the 200 block of South 49th Street the next morning.

According to investigators, Sabriya met 23-year-old Cole Swaringer-Herring on Facebook and the two quickly decided to meet in person. Both of her parents were reportedly not home when Sabriya left the home.

The next morning they alerted police when they realized that Sabriya was missing. But Cole, the killer, had already confessed to his parents what he had done and they immediately turned him into local authorities.

When police arrived, they discovered the body under a pile of leaves and Cole was arrested on the scene. Because of the nature of the stabbing, investigators suspect that Cole is a serial killer.

Meanwhile, Cole has been charged with murder, arson, abuse of a corpse and other related offenses. He’s being held pending a preliminary hearing in court.

The parents and other family members are devastated.

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