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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sagz Jeans Launches New Fashion Line Styled By Teens; Features Unique Snap-on Custom Boxer Shorts For Worry-Free Mobility

— Latest versions of urban clothing maker’s popular ‘sagging’ jeans owe much to style conscious teenage designers. —

Sagz Jeans

New York, NY — Sagz Urban Wear, LLC, makers of urban influenced casual wear, have begun marketing their newest line of “sagging” jeans featuring new styles and colors. Subtle design changes will also add to their jeans’ appeal, say the teenage fashion designers behind the popular clothing line.

“Young urban men continue to ‘sag’ their jeans fashionably low, and our jeans’ unique snap-on custom boxer shorts offer them worry-free mobility,” says company spokesperson George Harris. “Three different wearing levels allow for maximum personal expression, with the styling confidence and comfort we’re famous for.”

But an increased “swag” factor is the key result. This is perhaps his brand’s greatest contribution to the casual urban fashion scene, Harris adds.

“Plus, when you’re not having to constantly pull up your pants it allows you more time to do your own thing,” he notes. “Our design team is the youngest in the industry, and they guide all our fashion decisions – with the growing marketplace approval of consumers willing to spend clothing dollars on something of unique appeal.”

He and fellow design and marketing experts Tavon James and Y’annique Sousa have successfully placed the Sagz label in some of the top department stores and fashion boutiques in urban markets nationwide.

Denim continues to be a mainstay of the fashion industry, with sales totaling an estimated $17 billion worldwide in the past year. In the marketplace since 2011, Sagz Urban Wear has seen its revenues grow in every business quarter despite economic and seasonal cycles, according to the company.

“Along with jeans, the company is planning on adding belts, hats, t-shirts, khakis and more to its product line,” says Harris.

To learn more about the company and its full fashion collection, visit www.sagzjeans.com.

Mark Davenport
Sagz Jeans