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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Black Entrepreneur Reinvents Retail For Black Hair & Beauty Products

Salim Holder, founder of 4th Ave Market

White Plains, NY -– 4th Ave Market has exploded onto the scene as a new Black-owned online retail platform tackling economic inequality in the Black hair care and beauty supply industry. Black people spend $2.5B annually on hair care and beauty products, yet they only own 7% of all beauty supply stores. And historically, the Black entrepreneurs who make beauty products haven’t been able to get distribution in large retail stores as big brands spend money to keep them off the shelves.

4th Ave Market CEO, Salim Holder, co-founded the company, which is now the largest Black-owned online hair care and beauty supply store in the United States.

“Our goal is to create a simple shopping experience and offer easier access to a diverse inventory of the brands that Black people love. And do so at prices that are up to 30% lower than traditional retail. Thanks to our loyal customers, our sales have been organically doubling month-over-month,” said Holder.

The historic 4th Avenue District in Birmingham, AL once thrived as a center for Black culture, entertainment, and economic empowerment with the Black dollar constantly circulating within the community.

4th Ave Market empowers Black entrepreneurs by giving them a popular and simple platform on which to sell their products. And because 4th Ave Market is online, Black beauty and hair care suppliers don’t have to worry about distribution challenges and shelf space restrictions.

“4th Ave Market is great because they provide access to our consumers in an affordable way. And I love how they eliminate some of the usual retail distribution challenges Black hair care entrepreneurs normally face,” said Pamela Booker, Koils By Nature CEO.

The company is creating an innovative and sustainable ecosystem powered by the people it serves. 4th Ave Market provides expert and community curated tips to help customers find the best products for them. And it keeps its audience inspired by highlighting remarkable people in the Black hair care and beauty space.

A portion of all their profits is reinvested back into the Black community through local and national organizations and partnerships.

Learn more at 4thAveMarket.com

Watch the video below:


Salim Holder