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Monday, May 20, 2024

102-Year-Old Black Woman From Virginia Makes History, Finally Earns College Degree

Sarah Simpkins

Nationwide — At 102 years old, Sarah Simpkins has achieved her dream of earning a college degree as she recently graduated from Brightpoint Community College’s Early Childhood Education program in Chester, Virginia.

Even more special, she graduated alongside her proud granddaughter, Halimah Shepherd-Crawford.

“I can’t even express my emotions right now,” Halimah told WLBT. “It was all an idea, and we’re here now. And I’m just so excited for my grandmother that she accomplished what she wanted.”

“I feel very wild,” Ms. Sarah said. “I feel very grateful to God for letting me do whatever I do. Thank you, God.”

Returning to college was a long-time goal for Simpkins. She initially attended Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina, but had to drop out when she got pregnant when she was 20 years old.

Ms. Sarah focused on raising her family and had 12 children, but she never gave up on her dream.

“It’s something that I had to do,” Simpkins said. “I’m very, very grateful that God has enabled me to do this.”