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Monday, May 3, 2021

Racially Profiled Man Launches Apparel Line Called “U Fit the Description”

Scott Johnson, founder of U Fit the Description

Nationwide — Founded by Scott Johnson, U Fit The Description is an apparel line that aims to put the spotlight on social justice and equality by fighting against racism and inequality within the community. Though the social injustice and discrimination by law enforcement gained limelight following George Floyd’s assassination, the bigotry is deep-rooted within the nation and is not something new.

The motivation behind the brand dates back to 1987 when Scott and a few of his friends visited Ocean City, MD, for high school senior skip day. At the point of running out of coins to pay for metered parking, Johnson got a parking citation, and the ensuing events served as the greatest realization.

“My friends and I were all set to leave Ocean City and head home when I chose to go to the police station to find out where to pay the citation. Little did I know, there was a police BOLO “Be On The Lookout” with the description of 4 black men, one with a red shirt breaking into vehicles and vandalizing property. Upon going to the police station to ask about paying the citation, weapons were drawn promptly, and the 4 of us were ordered to get on the ground. At the point when the question was posed, what did we do? The reaction was “you fit the description” of a BOLO we have out,” says Scott. “That moment, those words became unforgettable, making me realize the bitter truth of this society. Yet, if I had never faced it, I would not have been able to consciously step up and play my part to bring about social justice change.”

Scott thus chose to empower our youth and others to change the narrative. He comments, “U Fit The Description of a researcher, a doctor, an astronaut, a plumber, a transporter, an investor, an insurance agent, a construction worker, an athlete, an entrepreneur, but not of the description of the BOLO.”

“You write the narrative of the description you fit.” You have control of your own narrative. “U Fit The Description” has been created and will be utilized as a platform to help create change in social justice and bring equality to our community,” says Scott.

A portion of sales made by the company benefits youth scholarships and mentoring programs and is also utilized to feed the less fortunate. Each dollar spent with U Fit The Description is used to make this world a better place, a place where social justice is all that matters.

Today, U Fit The Description, with its classic clothing collection, makes noise about its incredible mission, far and wide.

Learn more at UFitTheDescription.com

About the Company:
U Fit The Description, Inc. was founded by Scott Johnson as a social justice advocacy platform. The company has a range of merchandise, whose sales are utilized to empower the youth and others in terms of scholarships, grants, and mentorship programs. The company also provides food to people in underserved communities.

For press inquiries, contact ufitthedescription@gmail.com