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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Serena Williams Denies Being Drunk, Pregnant or on Drugs During Wimbledon Meltdown

Serena Williams Denies Being Drunk or Pregnant

Nationwide — In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, tennis champion Serena Williams addressed what happened in Wimbledon when she appeared disoriented and was forced to withdraw from a match.

In the article, she tells writer S.L. Price, “I have nothing to hide. No, I didn’t take anything. If you want to ask me if I took drugs, I didn’t take drugs. I’m not on drugs. I’ve heard it all. I’m not pregnant; I wasn’t pregnant.”

She adds, “Although I think a baby would be great, but there’s a time and place for everything. But no, I don’t do drugs. Never did ’em. I’m scared of ’em. I’m not on that stuff.” She also mentions that she was drug tested the day after the incident and did not receive any notification of a positive result.

Regarding whether or not she was drunk, she commented, “God, no… I wish.”

So what happened?

According to Serena, she had some type of viral illness that made her dehydrated, dizzy and feverish.

Her sister Venus concurs and says the only reason why she let Serena play in that type of condition was because she didn’t want to be bossy. “She tricked me into letting her try,” she added.

Despite trying to set the record though about what really happened, the rumors continue to swirl.

But what do you think?

Watch the video for yourself below: