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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Songwriter/ Entertainer Sparks Children’s Imagination and Knowledge of Black Inventors With Interactive Coloring/Quiz Book

— “History is a Part of Me” by Shannon (Ms. Drama Ganza) to be released on February 27, 2016 —

History is a Part of Me By Shannon (Ms. Drama Ganza)

Bookcover and author, Shannon (Ms. Drama Ganza)

Los Angeles, CA — When at first she made the decision to be a messenger of rhyme, emcee Shannon (Ms. Drama Ganza) could never have dreamed she would be an uplifting educator of children by way of her brilliant coloring book that doubles as a quiz book entitled History is a Part of Me, complete with bonus CD Hip Hop theme song “I Am Somebody.”

The 32-page paperback spotlights 10 inventors – from John Lee Love (inventor of the pencil sharpener) to President Barack Obama (creator of the Affordable Health Care Law). The book includes the definition of a patent – including examples – AND the pride-booster affirmation “Who I Am,” to be read and recited daily.

Introducing the book publicly online and on her soft launch tour beginning February 13, in Kroger Grocery Stores throughout February in Cincinnati, OH, the official launch will be held at the city’s Rockdale Elementary School during her production, “The Black History Edu-tainment Affair” which includes a skit and puppetry based on the book, happening February 27, 2016.

“This educational activity book is aligned with Common Core Standards and gives schools additional lessons to teach youth beyond slavery and civil rights,” states Drama Ganza – a “nationally recognized edu-tainer,” motivational speaker and founder of two entities: Crankin’ Entertainment LLC and the artist resource imprint Groundhog Train Network. “I have a love for feeding curious minds. I come from a family of caregivers and educators. This is not only a birthright but Moreit’s a humanity thing for me. I taught reading to grade school children and noticed that when I taught them in rhythm they caught on quicker.”

Shannon’s Leadership course instructor became excited about her business plan when he learned she was a songwriter. “He offered me an illustrated timeline of inventors, commissioned me to write a song (“I Am Somebody”) then booked me to perform for the Cincinnati public school system during Black History Month. Last year, I came up with the idea for the coloring book. Since young attention spans are short, it was imperative that I added something to help them make the connection visually. That way, the information would stick.”

“This book is for all cultures,” she stresses. “We all use things invented by African Americans. But my core mission is to bring self-empowerment back to our youth – remind them where they come from and push them to think outside the box. I can’t undo what has been taught previously but I can add to the possibility of them seeing themselves in a more positive light rather than the dark images of slavery.”

Throughout a diverse career chain that stretches from being a warm up act for female rap star Da Brat to being a finalist in MC Lyte’s search for the next top Female Emcee, followed by a co-sign by Yo-Yo to headlining the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood- from runner-up status in a Coca Cola Black History voice over contest to being featured on BET’s reality show “Welcome to Dreamland” – Shannon has more than made good on moving from Atlanta to L.A. after her teaching position was downsized. “My supervisor told me, ‘Don’t look at this as the end of the road. Look at it as you are now free to go after your dreams!’ The following month, I moved to L.A.”

Today, Shannon creates new ways to make a difference. “It is during my edutainment workshop presentations that I am reminded that my gifts are not my own.”

For more details, visit www.historyisapartofme.com


Pierre Stahrre
Crankin Entertainment

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