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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Black Woman Entrepreneur Launches YouTube Channel Critiquing VIP Events

Shannon L. Reynolds AKA the VIP Princess is an entertainment influencer and the “Siskel & Ebert” of live events

Shannon Reynolds AKA VIP Princess

Philadelphia, PA — For those who want to experience the most from a comedy show, concert, festival, dance performance, trips or business networking event, upgrading to VIP is a must & The VIP Princess is your inside connect. The VIP Princess – the “Siskel & Ebert” of live events – is launching her very own YouTube channel “The VIP”! Viewers can tune in and watch as the VIP Princess review and rate live events using her 5 diamond rating system; and the best of the best will receive the VIP Princess Stamp of Approval! Subscribe & tune into “The VIP” YouTube channel for the VIP Princess Diamond Reviews or to access events and artist interviews.

In addition to “THE VIP”, The VIP Princess is also the creator of the 360 VIP Experience. The 360 VIP Experience consist of 3 pillars:

1. Educate & Create more informed savvy consumers of Live Events.
2. Customize VIP experiences tailored to the individual needs of the client and guests.
3. Post Premium VIP Packages for concerts, sports events, comedy shows, festivals, executive meetings and travel.

The VIP Princess has a network of VIP Professionals that can help you and your guest “Party Like a RockStar” by upgrading your experience to avoid hassles, breeze past the line, get premium seating and have backstage access to meet your favorite performers. Most do not know they can have premium food and beverage service tailored to their specific tastes or those of their guests. The VIP Princess can help make it happen for an intimate gathering or a large group.

This Harlem native has been a top sales and marketing professional for many years with the Brooklyn Nets, NY Liberty, the NY Knicks and Live Nation generating millions in sales and transforming client relationships into friendships by providing top tier services for elite clientele. Rather than simply seeing that next show, Follow the VIP Princess and learn how to truly experience it!

Need successful strategies for breaking into the entertainment business in sales?…Contact the VIP Princess today for private one-on-one coaching. Private coaching is great for seasoned and novice sales professionals looking to reach their highest potential.

Be sure to like & follow The VIP Princess on all of her social media platforms for exclusive reviews of events and shows with The VIP Princess’ Diamond rating system to help plan that next outing & PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

Subscribe to her YouTube channel today @VIPrincess

Also, follow her on social media:

Facebook – @TheVIPprincess
Instagram – @thevipPrincess


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