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Monday, May 4, 2020

Powerhouse Networking Entrepreneur Rises Through Ranks Like a Phoenix

Sharon Steele, founder of Business Girlfriends

Nationwide — A master profit strategist, business coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Sharon Steele is the founder of Business Girlfriends – a game changing brand that helps empower women financially and elevate their brands. Launched in January 2020, Business Girlfriends already has a tribe of over 2,000 and that number continues to grow along with their bank accounts because they believe that failure is not an option.

Not afraid to take risks, Sharon keeps it very real and will bluntly be the first to let you know that “scared money don’t make money”. And if her pitch sounds too good to be true, you might just want to get on board and take your chances since her name is attached. Chances are that there is money to be made and she has figured out how to stack the cards in your favor. Her super power is creating systems that work, as evidenced by her advancement to National Director with TLC in less than 45 days and a business partnership with Gregg Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta with a “guaranteed profit” Bitcoin Club.

Because she is a survivor and overcomer of the worst odds, the once struggling, single mom, has proven that you do not have to be a victim of your circumstances. In fact, she is living proof that there is life after failed suicide attempts, there is prosperity after poverty, there is a future after a felony and there is joy and gratitude in the midst of clinical depression.

Her sordid past and adversities have been her classroom, and created a passion for helping both men and women advance their businesses throughout the country and across multiple social media platforms.

Currently residing in her hometown of Farmington Hills, Michigan, she is no stranger to hard times or hard work. Her faith in God has been her strength and the foundation for her “Kingdom Mindset” that has facilitated her rise from the ashes like a phoenix… STRONGER, SMARTER AND MORE POWERFUL. She is quickly becoming the go to expert for how to “give your boss his walking papers.”

From a struggling single mom with a felony dealing with a diagnosis of severe depression developed from childhood abuse to an entrepreneur, Sharon’s courage and determination has inspired women and men worldwide and helped countless audiences break through, to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential. Sharon didn’t have options based on her choices but she is now creating opportunities for others to experience financial freedom on levels that they otherwise would not have known.

This year Sharon will be releasing her first book entitled Distracted, Denied, and Delayed – But I Have Destiny. She says this book will bring awareness to our community. She comments, “We are taught not to speak on sexual abuse and the laws in the United States aren’t protecting us from this. My journey and story to give account to how this led me into a dark world of depression and criminal activity. The people that were supposed to protect me were just as damaged, but through my faith and great leadership and mentors, I was able to raise out of it all.”

She says that her book will also help families to no longer allow their loved ones to look the other way in fear of rejection. Sharon also hopes to create a documentary series on the journey of felon to entrepreneurship.

For more details about Sharon Steele or her business workshops, visit www.BusinessGirlFriend.com


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