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Monday, April 19, 2021

Founder of First Ladies of Poverty Foundation Launches Generational Wealth Bootcamp

The apprenticeship program is for Black, Indigenous, POC Professionals interested in online entrepreneurship, digital real estate, and generational wealth for racial equity and significant poverty reduction.

Shatoyia Jones, founder of First Ladies of Poverty Foundation

Nationwide — Shatoyia Jones, founder and CEO of the First Ladies of Poverty Foundation, an award-winning organization that has created and curated top-tier business and investing trade programming for over 900+ BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) new and seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals since the start of 2021, has launched a signature program called the Generational Wealth Bootcamp: Online Entrepreneurship and Digital Real Estate.

In partnership with Valley Venture Mentors, the weekly program will be completely free of charge (donations welcome) and takes place every Wednesday and every other Saturday throughout the year. The bootcamp is being offered both as an in-person and an online, live-streamed event.

Each in-person session will begin with a check-in and COVID-19 safety prep for those attending in person. If you’re wondering what a virtual session would look like, you can take a look here.

Everyone is encouraged to network with each other whether it be in person or through the virtual chat space.

The itinerary for each Wednesday evening or Saturday afternoon session will be as follows:

• Q&A Session with First Ladies of Poverty Foundation and Hosts
• Bootcamp Begins (new focus every week)
• 1-on-1 Coaching: Create your Personal Wealth Blueprint and Get Next Steps
• Resource Sharing
• Blueprint Coworking Sessions

Shatoyia shared her own sentiments on the program and her vision for the Bootcamp’s impact in the lives of others, saying, “First Ladies of Poverty Foundation generational wealth blueprint infuses a mentoring and educational community, entrepreneurship, investing, racial equity and social responsibility. [It] allowed me to create my own door of opportunity, own assets and accelerate the process to wealth building early in life ‘in spite of.’ I am a living, breathing example of abundance and what is possible in regards to being born into unfavorable circumstances and still ending up doing something to make a fulfilling career and lifestyle out of truly supporting & helping others [to] attain a higher quality of living.”

It is recommended that those who participate in the bootcamp bring along friends and family and that they join in as many of the sessions as possible. A new lesson is promised every week, with one-to-one mentorship as you go through the Bootcamp guidebook to create your own personal general wealth blueprint. Guest speakers and mentors may appear to speak on topics ranging from earning money and sustainable business modeling, to financial planning and management, to investing and creating multiple streams of income. Attend the Generational Bootcamp in Springfield, MA or stream it live on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. EST or every other Saturday at 12:30pm EST.

Throughout the remainder of 2021 and in years to come, the First Ladies of Poverty Foundation will be going on a multi-city tour that brings the best of the organization’s personal and professional development programming to the communities it intends to serve. Set to kick off this year on May 29th in partnership with Valley Venture Mentors, the first stop on the tour will take place in Springfield, Massachusetts for a three-day weekend of events, which will also serve as the first Quarterly Asset[S]ummit, focused on connecting and engaging with BIPOC entrepreneurs, investors and community leaders in a focused think tank.

Promising a full schedule, each stop on the tour will vary in length (between 1-3 days) and will be inclusive of but not limited to First Ladies of Poverty Foundation’s signature Generational Wealth Bootcamp as well as an open online entrepreneurship, digital real estate and community building – racial equity think tank session.

The following Asset(s)ummit will occur in August and November of this year.

Shatoyia spoke about her hopes for the event, saying, “I am excited about being invited to serve the various communities on our tour. Instead of always asking those communities to find a way to come to us, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation is ecstatic to be at the forefront of leadership and social impact that encourages communities to ask that we come to them, to invite us into their communities, with reasonable accommodations.”

Jones also shared her sentiments on the anticipated results and outcomes for the year, indicating that the series will:

Empower new and seasoned BIPOC entrepreneurs with customized blueprints that incorporate building sustainable, successful online businesses, build an emergency fund to reinvest in themselves and their communities

Teach FLP’s legacy framework for building sustainable generational wealth for an individual, their family, and their community

Model and instill a culture of inter-dependency to significantly reduce poverty levels within individual communities for a framework to build strong, cohesive, sustainable families and communities

Currently, there are two locations for the tour in May and a virtual live-stream version of the event, but after the success of the tour in May, First Ladies of Poverty Foundation is hoping to be invited to more communities to host the generational wealth bootcamp, community building think tank, and offer its resources and business services to the underserved communities who need and want it. Tickets will be sold via Eventbrite starting at $59-$199 for the May event. More information can be found about it on the organization’s tour page.

For partnerships, sponsorships or to request an interview with the Founder and CEO, send an email to firstladiesofpovertyfoundation@gmail.com

To learn more about First Ladies of Poverty Foundation or enroll in a program, visit FirstLadiesofPovertyFoundation.org