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Thursday, October 21, 2021

First Time Author Honors Murdered Son, Sells Out of Her Books in a Few Days

Shawanda S. Moore

Nationwide — Dr. Shawanda S. Moore, also known as The Tax Doctor, is the CEO and founder of Royal Financial Services and Royal Tax Box. She decided to write her first book entitled Introduction to Tax Preparation to assist individuals with starting their own tax business, growing their tax business, and understanding the tax process.

Dr. Moore launched her book on her birthday on August 21, 2021, and was overwhelmed with the fact that all the books were sold out within just a few days. Dr. Moore ordered only 200 books because she did not expect to receive such a tremendous response in a short period of time. Dr. Moore stated that this has to be a blessing because she has never seen this much support in her life. Especially after suffering the tragic loss of her biggest supporter.

Dr. Moore’s son, Shaun Moore, was just 21-years old when he was murdered in New Orleans on September 29, 2020, due to senseless violence. Naturally, she was grief-stricken and her heart continuously aches due to this incident. She wanted to give up on everything because Shaun was her business partner and made her feel like the best mother in the world. Shaun had plans to continue helping his mother grow her business and wanted to start his own trucking company.

Because Shaun was positive, helpful, and giving, Dr. Moore desires to complete all of his unfinished goals. She plans to carry out every goal that her son didn’t get an opportunity to finish plus grow her business. She says that she carries the love of her son in her heart and respects all the things her son has done to assist with starting up the business. She vows to keep his memory alive as her business partner by securing his position as an honorary CEO.

In honor of her son, Dr. Moore has planned to launch a set of financial literacy books for children on November 1st, 2021 which can be bought at TheTaxDocta.com. She is also currently working on creating a financial literacy curriculum that will include entrepreneurship skills to assist middle school and high school students to prepare for the real world.

Be sure to follow her brand on Instagram at @royal_financial_services or @royaltaxbox.

Also, on Facebook at @RoyalFinancialTaxServices.

For press inquiries, contact shawandam@royaltaxbox.com


Dr. Moore is an author, speaker, business coach, and entrepreneur striving to do her part in community service to assist more and more individuals in the upcoming years.

Dr. Moore has also hosted several free youth and adult seminars on Entrepreneurship before the pandemic. She desires to continue growing her tax company Royal Financial Services and her online tax company Royal Tax Box that allows individuals to prepare their own taxes. Her desired goals will assist her to become a better influencer for those individuals who wish to follow in her footstep as an entrepreneur.