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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Financial Expert Who Quantified the Cost of Anti-Black Discrimination in America Releases a Paradigm Shifting New Book to Help Change How You Think About Your Personal Finances

Shawn D. Rochester, author of CPR For the Soul

Southbury, CT — Shawn Rochester is an author, entrepreneur, investor and sought-after speaker who has spoken on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, the United Nations and lectured at leading universities about the staggering financial cost of discrimination against Black people in America and advocates for a new economic framework to help create the millions of jobs and businesses that are missing in the Black community.

In his highly acclaimed book, The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America, Rochester shows how The Black Tax (which is the financial cost of conscious and unconscious anti-black discrimination), creates a massive financial burden on Black American households that dramatically reduces their ability to leave a substantial legacy for future generations. He also introduces an economic framework called PHD which stand for Purchase, Hire and Deposit in ways that create jobs, create and expand businesses and provide capital in the Black community. This framework can be used by Black Americans and other interested parties to help eliminate this tax and create the millions of jobs and businesses that are missing in the Black community. Mr Rochester’s work on The Black Tax and his commitment to economic development has led to citations from the New York State Assembly and the New York City Council and his selection by the International Human Rights Commission Relief Fund Trust (IHRC-RFT) to be listed in its 2019 almanac as one of the Top 100 Human Rights Defenders for his efforts to educate people on the financial cost of discrimination (past and present) against members of the African Diaspora in America.

While job creation and business development are necessary to help increase the collective “earned income” of the Black community, wealth creation requires a collective increase in our ability to convert that “earned income” into “retained income” by maximizing positive cash flow because positive cash flow is the starting point of wealth accumulation. This led Mr Rochester to release his new book, CPR for the SOuL: How to Give Yourself a 20% Raise, Eliminate Your Debt, and Leave an Inheritance for Your Children’s Children.

CPR for the SOuL is a paradigm shifting new book that not only changes how you think about your finances, but also helps you to create a new mindset built on Stewardship, Ownership and Legacy which Mr Rochester calls the SOuL. Stewardship is about how to use your limited resources to their highest and best use to drive cash flow, Ownership is about developing and executing a plan to eliminate debt to ensure that you are the only one who has a claim on your assets, and Legacy is about your ability to leave an inheritance for future generations, to retire with dignity and to have the financial resources to address a need if you feel called to do so. The entire book is built around these principles – without which, there can be no wealth accumulation. The ideas, tools and lessons contained in this book are powerful, life changing, immediately applicable in your everyday life and consistent with our deeply held belief in leaving a legacy.

Mr. Rochester also understands that while we live in a high consumption society, we must do our best to escape the gravitational pull of financial mediocrity by aligning our desire to be better stewards of our limited resources with an augmented ability to do so. Thus, reading CPR for the SOuL and applying its principles, will not only help you learn how to (1) give yourself the equivalent of a 20% raise, (2) develop a plan to completely eliminate your debt and (3) maximize your assets at retirement, but will also, help you to enhance your ability to give generously to those in need. CPR for the SOuL serves as an essential tool in the arsenal of individuals, couples, newlyweds, families, students, congregations and other organizations who are committed to creating intergenerational wealth based on solid financial and scriptural principles. Since there can be no Legacy without Ownership, and no Ownership without Stewardship, you will find that the lessons learned in this book and the new mindset it creates, will not only change your actions and but will also, change your financial outcomes in truly profound and sustainable ways.

Published by Good Steward Publishing, CPR for the SOuL (ISBN: 978-0-9990072-1-1) is currently available exclusively at www.BlackTaxed.com. Retail price is $19.99 for the paperback and $14.99 for the eBook.


About the Author
Shawn D. Rochester is CEO of Good Steward LLC (GSL) and the founder of PHD Enterprises, and the IDEA Institute. These organizations provide financial education and advisory services to consumers, help to increase the presence of Black employees and enterprises in US public and private sectors payroll and supply chains, and facilitate commerce between the Black business community across the African Diaspora and on the African continent. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a focus in Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship. CPR for the SOuL is part of The Good Steward Financial Empowerment Series which includes the highly acclaimed book, The Black Tax: The Cost of Being Black in America.


Shawn D. Rochester