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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Black Nurse Releases Best-Selling New Book, Tells Her Personal Story of Dealing With COVID-19 Patients

Nurse Sheltee Felton

Nationwide — There is something divinely special about people who choose to risk [and sometimes] sacrifice their lives for the sake of others. Sheltee [Debose] Felton is one of them! As a Medical ICU Registered Nurse, Sheltee has experienced the gratification and grief that is inevitable within healthcare.

However, her dedication to her purpose has exceeded every reluctance she’s ever had. Fortunately, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, her brave and altruistic mentality did not change! Nurse Sheltee faced the deathly realities of COVID-19 with courage and grace.

Within her debut literary work entitled Nursing During the Outbreak: What I Saw, What I Felt, and Why I Chose to Stay, Nurse Sheltee takes her readers on a visual journey through the heart and brain of “Rona, the Destructive Infectious Fatale,” aka Coronavirus. Death always has someone’s first and last name attached to it, but sometimes… just sometimes, God sends His angels by the names of Life, Grace, and Mercy to our aid.

Angels aren’t disguised anymore; they are dressed in scrubs and sometimes work beyond a typical 12-hour shift. Despite the fatigue, daily encounters with death, and the anxiety of simply not knowing, Nurse Sheltee remained committed to her passion. Not only is nursing Nurse Sheltee’s calling but nursing also called her. It is safe to say that the whole world has thanked God for His angel(s) who serve tirelessly on the frontlines of healthcare.

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