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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sherri Shepherd on Her Unborn Child: “I’m Not Paying Child Support… And I Don’t Want Custody”

Lamar Sally and Sherri Shepherd

Nationwide — What could possibly possess a mother to say that she does not want custody of her unborn child? Well, for actress/comedienne Sherri Shepherd, it’s because of her estranged husband, Lamar Sally.

According to TMZ, Shepherd strongly believes that her estranged husband conned her into having a baby so that he could get child support. The two have already filed papers for a divorce, but her unborn baby (a baby boy, Lamar Sally, Jr.) is due to be born this month to a surrogate. However, Sherri has voiced that she does not want custody nor does she want to be considered a parent.

She reportedly has asked a judge to rule that she be given no parental rights or responsibilities. This, in turn, would ensure that she does not have to pay child support payments to the father (her estranged husband).

So why did they use a surrogate? Well, sources say that Sherri couldn’t get pregnant, and at the time, the two wanted a child badly. They signed an agreement with a woman who agreed to carry their baby, but the baby was created with Lamar’s sperm, but not Sherri’s egg. However, according to their agreement, Sherri is the biological and legal mother.

It seems we will soon see how it works out because, again, the baby is due THIS month! The expected date of delivery is July 28, 2014.

The sad part, though, is that their baby will one day “google” himself and will have to psychologically deal with all this mess he’s gonna find.