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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

20-Year Old Black College Student Helping Single Moms Keep Their Teens Off the Streets

57 Tips For Single Moms To Help Your Teen Get a Job


Columbus, OH — 20-year old Sherron Stevens has a solution to helping single moms get their teens a job, and keep them off the streets. He recently authored, Boy, Get a Job! 57 Tips for Single Moms to Help Your Teen Get a Job… and Stay Off the Streets (an e-book available exclusively at www.urbanebooks.com), and it can be instantly downloaded to any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Sherron, who is himself the son of a single mom, even at his young age, has found huge success in getting jobs and internships. Currently in college, he has even been able to get himself promoted as a manager, and has won several awards and accolades in the field of customer service.

In his new book for single moms which costs only $4.95, he shares with them 57 amazing tips and guidelines that are actually his own personal strategies. He says that he learned these tactics from his own mom, and from his own life experiences, and he hopes that thousands of others will benefit from them.

“African American unemployment is very high, especially among teenagers. Sadly, most of these unemployed teens resort to drugs, violence, and joining gangs,” Sherron says. “Many single mothers don’t know what to do to stop this from happening to their children, so I decided to write this guide for them.”

“I guarantee,” he says. “That teens will get (and keep) any job or internship they apply for, if they follow my tips and advice.”

The book features proven strategies on:

* How to prepare your teen for a job or internship search
* How to create a killer resume
* What to do (and not do) when completing a job application
* How to help him/her master the interview
* How to encourage him/her keep their job
* How to help him/her get promoted to a better position
* How to help him/her improve their customer support
* How to help him/her turn their first job into a stepping stone for a life-time career

Boy, Get a Job! 57 Tips for Single Moms to Help Your Teen Get a Job… and Stay Off the Streets is very timely because the African American unemployment rate remains at around 9.5%, nearly twice the national average of 5.3%, and more than double the 4.6% rate for whites. But the African American unemployment rate among teens is said to be as high as 31.8%.

For more details and/or to order the book, visit www.urbanebooks.com

To book Sherron for interviews:
Contact his publicist at 614-595-6063 or info@ebooksandreports.com


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