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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

21-Year Old Black College Student to Launch Unique Food Truck Concept That Does More Than Just Sell Food

Sherron Stevens, founder of Bondfire Grill food truck

Sherron Stevens, founder of Bondfire Grill food truck

Columbus, OH — Sherron A. Stevens, a 21-year old African American college student, is launching a creative and unique food truck concept called Bondfire Grill that does more than just sell food! To be exact, it will sell people the bonfire experience.

He says that creating a custom food truck would allow him to gather people together in a centralized location to enjoy an unintentional experience. The experience that the customers would enjoy could come in the form of singing, dancing, storytelling, art or simply gratifying conversations. A true bonfire experience. That’s how he came up with the name!

He comments, “My food truck concept will features various elements such as a community scavenger hunt, karaoke at the truck or any other fun BONDING activity!”

A food truck menu with home cooked meals

The menu is a create-your-own plate style, where customers would choose from meat options of smoked BBQ pulled pork or chicken sandwiches, BBQ baby back ribs or sweet meatball sandwiches. Then, customers would choose from his delicious sides such as baked mac n’ cheese, bacon potato casserole, baked beans and buttered garlic string beans. Each plate would be served with a warm piece of honey cinnamon buttered cornbread. He aspires to have a truly home cooked meal served to the community.

A percentage of his sales each month will go back into a community based organization, whether that is a homeless shelter or any other organization that helps fight a cause. Each month, the community will vote on the organization in which the sales would be disbursed.

No stranger to business

Sherron is no stranger to the world of business, as he has written two books (one at the age of 18) on Amazon, launched a successful mobile Auto detailing service, and has traveled many places for speaking engagements.

He says that his Bondfire Grill idea will be a place for people of all backgrounds to join together. With so much racial tension in America, Sherron hopes to “bond” all communities together, one plate at a time!

For more details on how you can help him get his concept on the road (literally), visit www.gofundme.com/bondfiregrillfoodtruck


Sherron A. Stevens

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