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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cyber Security Expert Launches the World’s First Children FinTech Expo for Kids on Cyber Security and Financial Literacy

Shondre Fort, founder of Fortified Technical Solutions

Shondre Fort, founder of Fortified Technical Solutions

Nationwide — Teaching children the basics of finance as well as technology is the need of the hour today to prepare them for the future. Fortified Technical Solutions recently organized the world’s first Children FinTech Expo at Jones County High School in Gray, GA, on December 3, 2017, that took the first step of raising awareness on these two important areas of life and career.

The first expo of its kind anywhere, Children FinTech Expo was a free event and attended by over 80 local children and their parents, who also received free literacy books for children as well as prizes. The event featured several cyber security experts and local business owners, including two times NFL All Pro Running Back Leron McClain and four times award winning children’s finance author and TV host, Prince Dykes. The event was sponsored by Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation.

Fortified Technical Solutions is founded by Shondre Fort, a cyber security expert and veteran, and offers cyber security related educational services, consulting, PenTest and vulnerability management to mitigate cyber security threats at all levels.

“Children from the age of about eight onwards can be taught the basics of finance and technology, but no one before has tried to hold such events. I didn’t learn a lot of the stuff about finance until my late twenties. If I had begun earlier, I would be a lot more prepared for my future. The Expo is our attempt to educate the youth and get them to move forward, and we want to hold more such events across the US and even globally,” says Shondre Fort.

About cyber security and children, Shondre urges parent to watch out on their kids’ internet activities, as anything that has an IP address or is on the internet is vulnerable, and it is the end user who is most responsible for all breaches.

Watch Shondre’s interview on 41Today below:


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