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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shopping On 3UFirst.com is Recycling Black Dollars at its Best!

Terrance Amen

Terrance Amen, founder of 3UFirst.com

Nationwide — A new startup, 3UFirst FPC, is the first company created specifically to bring billions back to the African American community, from money African Americans already spend while shopping for their favorite name brand products and services. The money from these revenues will be used to create jobs, business and investment opportunities, and fund the best underfunded programs, thus solving the other problems in the Black community.

The founder of 3UFirst, Terrance Amen said, “We can solve our problems using the money we’re already spending, so there’s no extra or out of pocket cost. The company 3UFirst has made a commitment to giving back 50% of its net profits, in order to fund the best non-profit programs locally and across the country.”

“There are too many great programs out there helping to solve major problems in our community, but aren’t getting the money to expand their services,” said Mr. Amen. “But we can fund these programs from the trillion dollars we’re spending every year, outside our community. Now, by shopping or searching on 3UFirst.com, we can bring some of that money back to the Black community.”

3ufirst.com will also work with Black businesses to showcase, partner, and create its own products and services, saving Black consumers money. Currently there are no Black fortune 500 companies, but Black money is spent keeping existing Fortune 500 companies in business. The goal of 3UFirst is to become the first African-American controlled Fortune 100 company. This means the company will need to generate at least $20 billion dollars a year in revenues.

“I know that’s a big number for many to comprehend,” said Mr. Amen, “but that’s only two percent of the trillion dollars we spend every year. Aren’t you, your family, and our community worth at least two percent of the money we’re already spending? I believe we’re worth at least ten times that amount, but only time will tell whether we show our worth or not. With the money the Black community spends every year, we could fund our children’s education, our healthcare, retirement, have money for a down payment on a home, start a business, and invest in companies that cater to the Black community.”

Mr. Amen said that right now, Black money is spent doing this for every community but our own, while discrimination and inequality continues to run rampant against the Black community. Having a company like 3UFirst can put an end to discriminatory practices, and create a bright future for Black people now, and those that come after them.

Mr. Amen said, “You have nothing to lose searching and shopping on 3ufirst.com. Now you can bring billions back to your community, using the money you’re already spending. That’s recycling Black dollars at its best.”

Terrance Amen is the founder of 3Ufirst FPC, and author of the book, Black Unity: The Total Solution to Financial Independence and Happiness. For more information, go to the about us and FAQ page on www.3ufirst.com.


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