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Monday, November 30, 2015

Should Protesters Be Allowed to Taunt Police Officers?

Protesters taunting police

Chicago, IL — Another white police officer (Jason Van Dyke), and another unarmed Black man killed (Laquan McDonald). This time, it’s in Chicago, and local African Americans are infuriated after viewing a recently-released video showing the police officer fatally shooting the teenager more than 16 times.

The video shows that McDonald was walking away from Van Dyke when he opened fire, and that five other police officers at the scene did not fire a single shot.

But unlike in other cases, this time the police officer was charged with first-degree murder and the city council has already approved a $5 million settlement for the victim’s family. However, this doesn’t exactly mean justice.

On the first night of protesting, one protester, Lamon Reccord, who is only 16-years old, repeatedly approached police who were on duty. Coming within just inches of the officers and staring them in the face, he then repeatedly dared them to shoot him. “Shoot me 16 times, shoot me 16 times,” he repeatedly yelled out.

He told USA Today, “I want them to look me in the eye and recognize just because they have a badge it doesn’t mean I’m someone they can treat like dirt.”

But later on that evening, other protesters got more physical. They reportedly started pushing and shoving with officers in heated confrontations. At least five of them were arrested, and charged with various charges including: aggravated battery, misdemeanor count of unlawful use of a weapon for being in possession of a stun gun, and resisting a police officer.

So the question arises: Should protesters taunt the police? Should it be allowed? Is it a person’s legal right? Or should it be banned to keep the crowd under control?

What do you think?

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