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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Black Sibling Entrepreneurs Invent New Premium Travel Pillow That Creates a First Class Experience For Travelers

— The Journey Pillow, created by Anthony and Candace Williams, is a one-of-a-kind travel pillow with individualized support that attaches to your seatbelt or waistband. —

Journey Pillow by Anthony and Candace Williams

Siblings and Journey Pillow co-founders, Anthony and Candace Williams

Atlanta, GA — We all know the feeling of dread on a long haul flight cramped in coach class. The Journey Pillow, however, created by brother and sister Anthony and Candace Williams, is a premium travel pillow with a unique design that attaches to your seatbelt or waistband. Created to make long trips more bearable, the pillow makes it possible to rest comfortably while sitting up. Even more, it can be used on an airplane or other modes of transportation!

“We are excited about the impact that Journey Pillow will have on the travel industry. This product will revolutionize travel by eliminating the desire for preferred seating,” says neurophysiologist and CEO of Journey Pillow, Anthony Williams.

Mr. Williams and his co-founders, all avid travelers, have been working to find a miracle cure for sleepless flights for the last two years. Retailing at $40, The Journey Pillow is a compact U-shaped travel pillow, weighing a mere 0.9lbs, whose features include: memory foam, velour casing, and non-slip clips.

“By allowing your neck to stay in alignment anywhere you sleep, the Journey Pillow helps travelers realize the health benefits of adequate sleep,” Mr. Williams adds.

For more information and/or to purchase the Journey Pillow, visit www.JourneyPillow.com


Candace Williams