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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Siblings in Atlanta Surprise Their Mom By Paying Off Her Mortgage

June Hassan with her children and grandchildren

Nationwide — June Hassan, a mother from Atlanta, Georgia, says she was pleasantly surprised when her children decided to help her pay off her house. It started out as a joke. June had always made fun of telling her son and daughters to pay off her house someday.

But her children (and grandchildren) took it seriously and made it come true on her birthday. Inside the birthday card, they gave her was a check for the remainder of her mortgage.

“We were just as surprised as she was that we were able to do it,” Tony, June’s son who is a lawyer told 11Alive. “A part of me never thought it was possible. It meant as much to me as it did to her.”

Tony said he had always thought of giving this gift to his mother since he was 14-years old. So, for the last 2 years, he teamed up with his two sisters, Sheri and Jessica, to start saving up to finally make it happen.

The siblings say that one of their sisters died last October and that it was obviously very devastating for their mom. “After that, we said we have to do this for her,” Tony said. “You never know how much time you have with someone.”

June says that she feels blessed to be able to proudly celebrate the moment with both her children and grandchildren.