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Thursday, March 11, 2021

New Platform for Kids Celebrates Black Beauty Through Natural Hair Care

Silk Me Kids, a kids’ salon and hair care brand, has launched a campaign with many of their brand ambassadors, called RUN THE WORLD; plans to double marketing efforts to continue building awareness around their mission.

Silk Me Kids

New Orleans, LASilk Me Kids, the only kids’ salon in New Orleans, is ramping up brand awareness campaigns to spread their mission of becoming the educational leader and epicenter for kids to learn about and celebrate natural hair and black beauty.

The brand recently launched a slew of high-profile marketing efforts including a billboard campaign featuring their baby bratty ambassador Demi Skye, and in lieu of the cancelation of MARDI GRAS, the brand allows the spirit to live on with the “Krewe de Kuties” themed campaign and salon decor that creates the scenery and vibe of local New Orleans Carnival parade festivities.

In addition to running a kids’ only salon of the same name, the brand is also known for a range of natural hair care products for kids. Collections include Silk Me Kids hair care products for baby, kids, and teens as well as a Natural Remedy collection and a growing line of Silk Me Kids merchandise. Recent marketing efforts all ladder up to the brand’s ultimate goal of providing a spotlight for black and mixed girls and boys to celebrate their natural tresses and learn the best methods to take care of their hair.

“Kids who use Silk Me Kids hair care products are able to bring out their hair’s best potential and it instills in them a sense of confidence from being able to embrace and celebrate who they are. In addition to creating products to allow kids to look and feel their best, we create platforms, like campaigns, performances, and music videos, to give kids the spotlight where they can celebrate their beauty.” Said CEO Meme Kelly, who was featured in The Spa Queen Magazine in 2019.

Silk Me Kids also runs an online academy featuring a wealth of free digital downloads to teach parents and kids everything they need to know about caring for different hair types and textures. The library currently includes 9 eBooks and a hair care assessment, with topics such as Mixed Kids, Mixed Textures, Understanding Type and Texture, and Washing Hair Made Easy.

To learn more about Silk Me Kids hair salon, hair care products, and their educational mission, visit SilkMeKids.org.

For the latest news from Silk Me Kids, join their community of nearly 15,000 Instagram followers at @SilkMeKids.