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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Silver Crown Beauty Pageant to Showcase the Talents and Beauty of Women Over the Age of 50

Silver Crown Beauty Pageant

Senior women competing during a previous event

Nationwide — Hallie’s Comet Productions, LLC has announced that their signature event, the Silver Crown Beauty Pageant, will be leaping forward and upward in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC in 2019. This semi-formal gala will be held in October, exact date TBA.

This unique Pageant for women over the age of 50 will showcase their talents and beauty as they take their turn on the stage at a chance to be crowned.

Their mission is to exemplify the qualities, the beauty, talents and honor the community of forgotten women. Contestants who participate in the Silver Crown Pageant will have the opportunity to feel beautiful and confident walking across the stage, finding that it is a very special experience that will enrich their lives.

This event promises to be a world class production with performance and participation from local entertainers and community leaders for judges.

Any support, all sponsors, and vendors who contribute to this gala will be making a tax-deductible donation to their 501(c)(3) charity which supports the needs and goals for senior women. The organization looks forward to building and enhancing their relationships with such sponsors, vendors, and even the press.

For more details, visit their official web site at www.HalliesCometProductions.com or contact them at 860-869-1344 / 860-752-3965 or via email at halliescometproductions@gmail.com


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