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Monday, April 28, 2014

Simmons College of Kentucky to Host “HOPE 2014: Renewing Urban America” Conference

Hope Conference

Louisville, KY –- For three powerful days, faith, community, business, and political leaders are coming together for HOPE (Having Only Positive Expectations) 2014: Renewing Urban America, June 12-14, 2014. Conceived by Dr. Kevin W. Cosby, pastor of St. Stephen Church and president of Simmons College of Kentucky, HOPE 2014 was created to address and offer practical, life-altering solutions to the critical issues felt within urban communities. Urban communities, more than ever, are feeling the plight of abandonment, social isolation, disinvestment, and neglect.

“It’s one thing to curse the darkness, it’s another to light a candle. Simmons College of Kentucky is lighting a candle for institutions as they attempt to address the issues plaguing urban America,” stated Dr. Cosby. HOPE’s focus is on faith-community leaders serving populations who are underserved, under-resourced, undervalued, and underestimated. HOPE: Renewing Urban America, will provide a practical, personal, spiritual, and distinctive approach to programming and learning. Leaders will be personally challenged to become “agents of hope” within their communities, churches, and organizations.

More specifically, HOPE 2014: Renewing Urban America will address a variety of topics including community hopelessness, asset-based community development, prisoner recidivism, social isolation, urban education paradigms, gang violence, and white privilege. HOPE 2014: Renewing Urban America will provide an exciting, dynamic, life-transforming attendee experience that will also offer relationship-building that yields ongoing support for growth and continued learning.

HOPE 2014 will feature diverse and renowned speakers including: Tim Wise, Robert M. Franklin, and Sherryl Cashin. For more information, visit www.hope-conference.org or call 502-776-1443 x135.

Patrice Miles
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