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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Meet the Pajama Queen Behind the Fastest-Growing Line of ‘Jammies’ For Black Children

From Breast Cancer Survivor to Pajama Queen, One Atlanta Mom is Changing Bedtime for the Better with Dreams and Jammies

Simone Edmonson, founder of Dreams and Jammies

Nationwide — Simone Edmonson, a determined fighter who overcame breast cancer not once but twice, is now a successful entrepreneur who is changing the children’s sleepwear industry. Her Atlanta-based company, Dreams and Jammies LLC, which launched in August of 2020, is on a mission to play a key role in creating jammies that show images of Black children in their designs.

“Over the years, I could not find pajamas that contained images of black girls. I decided to change that and create a collection of pajamas that celebrates our individuality. My designs capture the sweetness and love of our beautiful black princesses.” says Edmonson.

These unique renditions are adorned with little brown girlie faces sporting puffs and braids. Recently Simone expanded the Dreams and Jammies collection to include depictions of handsome chestnut-colored little boys posing in their superhero stance. What a way for future leaders to drift off into heavenly dreams. These PJs help children build self-esteem through positive representation. Young children of color need to see their own likenesses displayed to help them grow and embrace their potential.

Dreams and Jammies pajamas are 100% cotton making them a big plus for sensitive skin. They are designed to be comfortable and are tagless. Studies show that children are in their pajamas for nearly 9 hours per day. Having a regular bedtime routine is essential for healthy sleep. Children love to put on their favorite PJs as they prepare for bed. Dreams and Jammies are perfect for nightly wear and are adorable for a little princess pajama party.

Dreams and Jammies LLC is a family affair, which consists of Simone’s husband and niece. This innovative team is constantly creating new designs. The initial product line, which is called the Comfy Collection has four distinct styles of pajamas and has received rave reviews from parents and their children. The company brand has grown and now boasts many new items including girls’ underwear, Pink backpacks, Slumber Girl Warm gripper socks as well as adjustable satin hair bonnets to name a few. For mothers with toddlers, there are onesies that function for sleep and play.

One of Simone’s daily affirmations is, “My mind has the POWER to create what it sees. And I believe that with all of my heart. My vision of seeing little children of color having self-love while wearing my company’s jammies.”

For more details, visit DreamsandJammies.com

For more information, please contact Simone Edmonson at 678-276-9773 or dreamsandjammies@gmail.com