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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Singer, Pianist, and Songwriter Gina Williams is Releasing 5 Albums This Year

Gina Williams

Nationwide — Gina Williams is quietly shattering barriers of how things “should be” The singer, pianist, songwriter, and composer released a choral and orchestral album called “Olympiad” and performed with 4 choirs and 2 orchestras on Ukrainian National Television in 2019.

This year she is releasing 5 albums – Each in a different genre: EDM, Caribbean, Gospel, Classical, and Rock.

The multi-genre musician was born to Jamaican parents in the prairies of Alberta.

Growing up with racism and prejudice, she spent most of her years hiding her gift of music – the ability to hear finished music in her head because somehow she believed “people like her shouldn’t be the one with “that kind of a gift.” Decades later, she finally accepts herself and her attraction to anyone unconventional.

Learn more about her and her music at GinaWilliams.com

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