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Monday, August 5, 2019

Single Black Seniors Network is Coming to a City Near You

Single Black Seniors

Single Black seniors at a speed dating event

Nationwide — Single Black Seniors Network (SBSN) is proud to announce that it is expanding their network beyond the Chicagoland region. SBSN is a socialization network of like-minded seniors who come together to interact and enjoy planned activities. Since its launch in 2016, Single Black Seniors Network has over 400 registered networkers, has connected more than 30 couples, hosted 25 socials, 8 speed-dating events and a number of discussion groups and workshops. It serves as the primary networking organization for single black seniors in the Chicagoland area. “Single Black Seniors Network is looking to expand into other cities across the country,” announced CEO, Gerri Norington.

“I receive inquires from all over the country on a regular basis, asking if Single Black Seniors Network is available in their city. It is time to share the knowledge learned in the past three years so the whole country can enjoy the excitement and the benefit of the Network,” said Ms. Norington.

Of the Black seniors in this country, 63% are single; living their retirement years alone, often lonely, and some even depressed. Statistics also show that seniors who live alone, without regular interaction with other seniors, live an average of 8 years less than those who have a mate and/or socialize regularly.

Creating opportunities for people to socialize and possibly make connections is a part of Single Black Seniors Network’s mission. Whether its through getting out and enjoying fun activities or socializing with a group of like-minded seniors, it is crucial to stave off the urges to remain isolated. Single Black Seniors Network is helping people make connections through socials with a DJ playing a variety of music, card playing, good food, movie/concert outings, discussion groups, speed-dating, and fun adventures. A monthly newsletter is published showcasing photos from the previous month’s activities and always includes an article on how to live a healthier life.

“I was one of three men who showed up for the first event in December 2016, the coldest day of that year. I am so pleased to see so many more men participating these days. Single Black Seniors Network is a real jewel for black seniors, offering opportunities to socialize with warm, friendly, approachable seniors in comfortable surroundings. Even for a guy like me who doesn’t really dance, there is always something to do and good conversations to be had,” says Skip LeMay, age 66.

With CEO Norington keeping the network active, there’s plenty of room for people to make a connection beyond the social aspects of networking. Just recently, Single Black Seniors Network celebrated the first marriage to come out of the network. The married couple is only one of at least six committed couples that met during activities hosted by Single Black Seniors Network. Many others have met (through speed-dating usually), dated, and later broke up.

“Single Black Seniors Network is the best way to meet black single seniors. I enjoy the variety of women and their interests. The activities (socials and speed-dating in particular) are fun and allow for great interactions. SBSN has effectively changed my life and brought back a level of excitement about life that I thought was long gone; it is a fresh, innovative group that addresses the needs of seniors,” says Charles Williams, age 77.

If you have a parent, friend, grandparent, or if you are 60 years young and want to experience a network of new and friendly faces, then Single Black Seniors Network is for you. To learn more about how to participate, go to SingleBlackSeniorsNetwork.net to register and sign up to receive emails about activities for seniors in the community and the monthly newsletter.


About Single Black Seniors Network
SBSN is a socialization network of retired seniors primarily, who come together to interact and stave off the urges to remain isolated in their homes.

The mission of SBSN is: to facilitate interaction among and between single seniors by sponsoring activities and events to allow for connections to naturally occur, helping seniors to grow older, and healthier, with loving relationships.

If you are interested in helping to bring Single Black Seniors Network to your area, please contact Gerri Norington 773-405-9020, iamthebizcoach@gmail.com, singleblackseniorsnetwork.net or follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/singleblackseniorsnetwork


Single Black Seniors Network
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