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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Zimbabwe Native, Based in Dallas Texas, is the Latest Entrepreneur to Launch a Black-Owned All-Natural Skin Care Line

Sipho Gumbo, founder of Yangu Beauty

Sipho Gumbo, founder of Yangu Beauty

Nationwide — Zimbabwean born and Dallas-based entrepreneur Sipho Gumbo has created an all-natural skincare line for women of color. Yangu Beauty means ‘my beauty’ in the Shona language of Zimbabwe and in KiSwahili. The name is fitting, as one of the oils used in her skincare line is Yangu Oil.

Yangu Beauty is a luxurious skin care line designed for women of color. While there are thousands of skin care lines on the market, few are made particularly for women of color who are often more prone to issues such as inflammation and hyperpigmentation than women of other skin types. Zimbabwean born Sipho Gumbo knew all too well the struggle and skincare challenges faced specifically by women with darker skin tones that she took the challenge to create a recipe of herbs that originated from her grandmother’s kitchen. Combining simple, effective, traditional ingredients from the heart of Africa with the latest in scientific advancements to deliver targeted results, Yangu Beauty has fast grown into a familiar litany of life changers and skin savers that promises products so powerful that they transform our very skin.

Yangu Beauty is focused on making original skin care products and continue to do extensive research that is based on the philosophy that cosmetic ingredients should be almost the same as what we consume. Being proudly African owned, Yangu Beauty looks to the diversity and richness of culture and traditions in Africa to guide their business and incorporate traditional African ingredients to create products that honor and promote Africa’s beautiful culture, respect the environment, nurture the human body and inspire the human spirit.

Sipho’s passion is not only sharing culture but the vehicle for her message is her products. Sipho has a deep respect and honor for the environment and the beautiful plants used in her line of beauty products are nostalgic teachings she learned as a young girl. “I remember gathering plants with my Grandmother while she shared her stories and her deep understanding of traditional plants and their uses,” says Sipho. “My grandmother healed us with her medicinal plants; everything from sore throats, stomach ailments, aches and pains, and infections.”

Sipho started to realize that, overall, there was a lack of awareness about the significant contributions African people made in the areas of plants and their medicinal uses. The pharmaceutical industry has been using hundreds of plants traditionally used by African people for thousands of years. Yet, Sipho realized, there were no products created from African knowledge.

In 2018, three of Yangu Beauty ‘s products won the Naturally Curly Editors Choice Awards. The Cleansing Whip, the Gel To Milk Cleanser and the Even Tone Serum were the best cleansers and Serum in 2018.

For more details, visit www.YanguBeauty.com


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