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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Black Teen Entrepreneur Utilizes Video Technology on Product Labels to Educate Customers on the Science of Black Hair

Sky Bynum, founder of Kakebi

Nationwide — After successfully launching her beauty brand named Kakebi in 2020, Sky Bynum, a 15-year-old Black teen from North Brunswick, New Jersey, soon realized something else needed to be done because her inbox was flooded with questions from customers seeking help and advice on their hair woes. Trying to figure out how she could help a larger audience, she started doing videos on the science of black hair and quickly gained a following on Instagram.

Launching in May 2022, Kakebi will now feature a code on their labels that customers can scan and play a video of her explaining the product, when/how to use it, and the science behind why you should use it. “A lot of people are struggling, and we don’t need to,” she said. “My goal is to help other people maintain healthy hair because I totally get the struggle!” She was able to bounce back from her own hair trauma with a formula her mother created. Sky thought others could benefit from this creation and with the support of her mother and father, she launched Kakebi.

The Superfood for Kinky Curly Hair Collection includes a boost growth serum, shampoo, conditioner, hair balms, whipped butter, and more, many of the ingredients are focused on Superfoods for your hair. Key ingredients such as rosemary, which helps in circulation of the scalp, and ginger, another hair-loving ingredient. The prices range from $15 – $30 for individual products and up to $126 for their popular collection bundle called The Gourmet Box.

Kakebi is a family business that’s main focus is haircare and finding the best products that will enhance their customer’s beauty journey. Their products are small batched, cruelty-free, and manufactured in the United States. Kakebi is excited to announce their brand will be launching on Amazon in the near future.

For more details on their amazing products and/or to make a purchase, visit her official website at Kakebi.com and follow the brand on Instagram @Kakebi__ for updated information.

For press inquiries, contact admin@kakebi.com